Wyze Cam v3 - Grid Detection Zones

That’s great news! The V3 camera with the spotlight is a game changer, the detection grid will make it even better.

Wonder if it would be possible to also have a toggle for cam plus to use detection zone or not. I live on a very busy corner, Cam plus is great but it’s like the Wild West. It just picks up anyone, anyways. I’d much rather have 1 evens for say someone in my driveway rather than events for anyone walking on the sidewalk.

Well hopefully you fix this new grid zone on the V2 cameras first.

Or maybe release some idiotic other smart home device in the mean time that does not pertain to cameras.

It’s almost April and still no grid for the V3 camera.


Please poke the platform team to release their solution ASAP. The single detection zone without a grid is harsh.


i really don’t get why the developers adopted the box style detection zone compared to the grid zone. sure its easier but allows less flexibility AND the minimum height zone size is atrocious. why couldn’t they make the zone be able to reduce height to smaller?


Or, just make it work. It’s pretty simple: make it work before deployment. It’s been well over 6 months.

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