Wyze Cam v3 - Grid Detection Zones

That’s great news! The V3 camera with the spotlight is a game changer, the detection grid will make it even better.

Wonder if it would be possible to also have a toggle for cam plus to use detection zone or not. I live on a very busy corner, Cam plus is great but it’s like the Wild West. It just picks up anyone, anyways. I’d much rather have 1 evens for say someone in my driveway rather than events for anyone walking on the sidewalk.

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Well hopefully you fix this new grid zone on the V2 cameras first.

Or maybe release some idiotic other smart home device in the mean time that does not pertain to cameras.

It’s almost April and still no grid for the V3 camera.

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Please poke the platform team to release their solution ASAP. The single detection zone without a grid is harsh.


i really don’t get why the developers adopted the box style detection zone compared to the grid zone. sure its easier but allows less flexibility AND the minimum height zone size is atrocious. why couldn’t they make the zone be able to reduce height to smaller?


Or, just make it work. It’s pretty simple: make it work before deployment. It’s been well over 6 months.


Any updates? If this issue was reported wouldn’t buy the V3, and prefer the V2 with amazon exterior cases!


Wyze doesn’t have the time or staff to take care of this issue because they are using all their resources to make new products.



Always wondered why Wyze is hiring all the time. It looks like they hire on a project basis and then let go when project’s done. Explains the discontinuity and why features vary from model to model.

Just got the v3 mounted on outside of the house outside an upstairs window under a gable only to discover the d@&! Detection zone has changed, defeats the purpose of having purchased to replace the v2 inside the window, I need a 1 row grid like v2 which works great, can’t narrow that box, hope the update is out soon

Good luck, don’t hold your breath. Waze is too busy inventing a smart tooth pick next.

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Ive had Wyze cams for a while now, and I just moved into a new apartment so I figured I would put a cam in the window looking out onto the walkway by my door. The v2 has the IR light problems, so I ordered the v3 to solve that problem. When I had the v2, I had it configured just right with the grid to not go off when a car drove by, because my street gets up to 10 cars every hour. Now the v3 is back to recording everything, despite my CamPlus settings specifically have Vehicle detection turned off. This is getting old, why not just release the grid on v3?

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That’s not how events work. If you have “Detects Motion” and “Notification” enabled, if there’s any motion, you’ll get an event posted. It doesn’t matter if the motion is due to a car or something else.

The vehicle detection, is only there to attempt to determine if there was a car in the clip.

As far as I know, this is the same logic that V2s use. The only difference is that V2s have grid detection zones.

Follow the logic – if there’s AI that’s capable of determining if it’s a vehicle causing the motion, shouldn’t it also be able to NOT send a notification, or NOT come up on my feed if I don’t want videos of cars driving by taking up my entire event log? It’s just that there’s videos being recorded basically all day long, and if I actually needed to find something, I would need to open multiple videos to find what I’m looking for.

But regardless, the whole point of my comment is that because I don’t have the grid to deactivate the area of the field of view where cars pass by, I get videos all day long of every car that passes by my house. If they don’t want to integrate a better way to keep videos out of your notifications or event log that you don’t want, then maybe integrate the grid.


Look, I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m saying that’s not how Wyze implemented things.

As far as convincing Wyze to do it this way, good luck.

The current capability in Wyze Cam 3 only allows a square/rectangular detection zone. Visual parallax, say looking at the front of a house, makes the yard a trapezoid (roughly) if one wants to avoid Person Detection notices for neighbors on the sidewalk. If the detection zone could be made “trapezoidal”, it would make for better detection zone coverage and more utility for the Wyze AI functions. Of course, a “free loop” zone select would be the very best. But that’s hard to code.

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It will be important that the AI only searches within the detection grid. What happens is that the motion detection triggers based on a shadow, and then it picks up a person walking by outside of the detection zone. Not helpful facing street-front. If one has to turn down motion detection so far that it doesn’t trigger the AI search, then it renders the AI search useless…and therefore not worth paying for the CamPLUS subscription.


I have similar obstacles as you. Fortunately I have cam v2’s which have grids. My problem is the grid boxes are to big. But I am happier to have them, than not have them. I started off without grid boxes and was not a fan.

Does anyone have the issue with V3 and the grid detection zones where areas marked out of the detection zone are still triggering events? Basically there is not detection zone because no matter how I mark it, it triggers anywhere in the frame. I have firmware v4.36.1.4.