Wyze Cam v3 firmware Beta Testing 3/10/2021

RTSP support yet? I know officially Wyze says you’re working on it and don’t have a date of release but, I’m adding another vote for V3 RTSP support. :crossed_fingers:

Still waiting patiently for RTSP for the v3. The ability to stream some of my cameras live will be amazing

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Also waiting for V3 RTSP so I can upgrade my V2 cams.

Also waiting for RTSP

I just want an update that “RTSP is in the works” or “RTSP won’t happen” from someone who works for Wyze. Almost like getting strung along since fall :frowning:

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If I say that I’ll pay for a CAM Plus subscription for a year for my 15 camera’s… , perhaps Wyze might at least give as an ETA when RTSP will be available for v3 CAMS? (along with fixing the iPad Landscape View (and Android Tablet Landscape View), as well as the Doorbell incorrect view on a Amazon Echo issue?)….

Perhaps Wyze is in over their head, and is not so good at managing all the projects/issues they currently appear to be crushed by…. ? Sort of like walking out to a very unorganized garage, and wanting to start cleaning … and giving up, because it’s so overwhelming?