Wyze Cam v3 Firmware Released - 2/17/21

It’s sad that we have to do this to get the promised functionality of our $20.00 cams. I’m glad to see things work in the current beta app…this means WYZE is getting close to fixing this issue that has existed for many Android users since v3 product launch.

I agree! and hopefully getting it fixed. That record in Playback fucntion is #1 importance to me, besides live streaming of course.

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I have old Android phone (Honor 6X ) install app today and Save still works for Playback and Live

but now i know my outdoor plug not working correctly on Iphone or ipad

Current app Beta 2.17.31
Samsung A20
Doesn’t work on 1 V3 cam
Works on 7 other V3’s.

I would strongly advise that you call WYZE and request a replacement. The v3 cam that I own which never ever recorded from playback started recording just fine with the latest firmware and the beta app.

Does Wyze have any plans to upgrade the Pan Cam?

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Enquiring minds want to know!

i like to know too … for the most part i just like to have V3 sensor/chip in it and $10 if it can do outdoor :slight_smile:

Hello. Can you check on the .zip file? I’d like to manually update my v3 cam. The cam doesn’t want to update through the app, it keeps hanging. (I have 5 other v3 cams that update no problem.) I can’t extract anything from the .zip file. I get a message saying the .zip file is empty.