Wyze Cam v3 exceeds 60,000 DNS lookups per day

Copy same here we also manage 36 cameras for customers with maintenance contracts,and our service technicians send me a detailed report every Friday and we see no performance issues with Wyze

We don’t care what your company does nor what you believe. Just don’t impose your beliefs on everyone.

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No issues even if they are monitoring from well another place. If you are happy, I am happy.

Anyway the rest of us that care need to chunk these and get a business class set or at least put all this crap on a VLAN. That still does not stop the Google conversation.

You’re out in left field. There is zero evidence of video going anywhere it’s not supposed to. It doesn’t even go to Wyze unless it detects an event and you’ve chosen cloud recording. They are using Google as a cheap and prevalent place to check for connectivity. All people have recorded are these innocuous DNS queries. It IS possible to encapsulate data over DNS but no one has yet claimed that level of subterfuge.

Dude thats no way to talk to a lady i was just telling you what we found…thats it!!

And that’s not the way to behave in a forum; imposing your privacy beliefs on everyone.

Never knew its a forum,looks like email to me FYI

I rest my case


@kae4560, just in case you weren’t aware, everything you post this way appears on a public forum (on a web site on the Internet) for anyone to read. This includes some of your earlier posts that included a signature.


It’s not e-mail.

Well sorry for your troubles

Copy that is what i was told Julie service manager.

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Can I get your phone number or home address so I can call or come knocking on your door and then hang up or leave 60,000 times a day? Let’s see if that is negligible, I am being slightly sarcastic but also see that this is a very serious issue. It’s definitely not “negligible”. Thank you @Alext for discovering this; most people don’t have the know-how to check their network for things like this; and people that do have the know-how, don’t have the time or make the time.
That’s how hackers get in and how bad things eventually happen.

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Exactly, that’s why it’s rude to Google. Glad we agree. It has little substantive impact to Wyze users - negligible. DNS queries are usually less than 512 bytes, so those 60,000 queries total a whopping 30 MB of traffic spread out over the course of the day. Negligible. The size of a few small images. Negligible. And yet it’s still bad and they should still fix it ASAP.


I think this issue was fixed in firmware, on February 17, 2021.

That firmware is for a V3.

The latest complaint was for a V2, see post #66 by trippmcnealy

And it seems the doorbell also has the same issue.

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I wouldn’t say that was negligible. If you’re using a 4G/LTE modem, that’s almost 1 gig of data consumed from your plan that does nothing for no one. And that’s just the DNS outbound—not responses, not subsequent traffic.

I bought just such a modem as backup and during testing, was shocked to see how much data was being used even when no one was home and no video was being streamed out.

That’s why I spun up a Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole so I could get a better idea what was going on with my network and to throttle some of the worst offenders (hint: Wyze – consistently).

In contrast, my other smart devices average the following per day:

  • Ecobee3 thermostat 4
  • iHome smart plug 12
  • Lutron lighting hub 40
  • Netgear router 70

It’s just sloppy, and like @Customer says, rude.


Hello, are you still having this issue constantly after power-cycle for your v2? If so, could you submit a log with the device and let me know the log number?


I am still having the issue. Ticket ID 146118

There is a kernel process constantly rebooting, from what we see in the log. Can you try the new firmware .241? We made some improvement for this issue in the new firmware.

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