Wyze Cam V3 Connection time out during setup when NTP being forwarded

I have a pfsense router with an NTP server that is advertised with DHCP and also NAT rules setup to redirect any outbound traffic on UDP port 123 to the router instead of whatever NTP server on the internet it was going to. When doing the setup process on the WyzeCam v3 (v4.36.0.125) I keep getting a ‘Connection timed out’ message from the camera. It did pull an IP and was pingable for 10-20 seconds up until it voiced the message. I checked the DNS logs and noticed that it did lookups on 5-10 different domains that seemed to be various NTP servers. As soon as I disable the NTP redirect rule, the setup process works normally. After setup, if I re-enable the redirect rule the camera will still work until it is restarted as it fails to connect to the network afterward. I have Wyze cam v2 (v4.9.5.36) that works normally whether the rule is enabled or not. Anyone know what might be going on?


Hi @pdoyle003 Merry Christmas and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:
This might be a new #wishlist item. Agree the NTP server should be user programmed.

My routers are set to get time (udp123) from a registered NTP server on the public network. Any NTP requests are redirected to that server. After inital setup of 1st Wyze product it continues to work for other Wyze products. I haven’t had to resync. V2: V3:
Speculation: Could AWS restrict permissible NTP services to a lookup table?