Wyze Cam v3 - Bluestacks

Good morning all. I use BlueStacks to enable camera viewing from my desktop PC. While it has been working great for the Wyze Cams, the Pan, and the outdoor cam, it doesn’t seem to recognize the new Ca, v3. Wondering if anyone was experiencing anything similar and had a workaround/solution?


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Hello! I use NOX for desktop viewing and I needed to update the app in order for the V3 to show up.

Thank you! I may try NOX. BlueStacks is now working after an update but had to be uninstalled/reinstalled in order to apply the update.

I’m not having any trouble with it, all 4 of my V 3 cams show up and work fine in the wyze app running on bluestacks
you should try uninstalling the wyze app from bluestacks and then reinstalling