Wyze Cam V3 - Battery Option?

Anyone know if Wyze plans on creating a Wyze Cam V3 with battery option as opposed to hardwired?

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It is called Wyze Cam Outdoor, has existed for a while now.

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I’m not looking for the Wyze Cam Outdoor unit - which I believe is a Version 2 model. I was wondering if Wyze is going to come out with an Outdoor version of their Version 3 model (which has the improved night vision functionality).

Well except that the V3 is already an outdoor version, but I get your point. You’d like a battery powered version with the same improved sensor.

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WCO is not a battery version of V2.

The advantage of the V3 is we can run it off a solar panel or power bank. The WCO is programmed to stop recharging if left on a power bank.

The V3 would need a battery that doubles the device in size to be able to run 2-3 months between recharging.


I just tried using a rechargeable battery pack with my Wize Cam V3 and it worked well. The only problem is the battery pack is not waterproof. It would be amazing to have an external battery pack available to use during power outages or for occasional extended outside recording like the Wize outside camera.