Wyze Cam v3 back in stock for a limited time - 2/22/21

I have 2 v3 cameras with cam plus, and it still won’t let me buy just the camera w/o cam plus bundle . I get “Whoops , looks like you are not cam plus subscriber”.
When will this be fixed , I have chatted 5 times with support and the answer is always the same , "working on it ". For 3 weeks?

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not sure why you have a problem …
it need to be "cam plus subscriptions , not free one , maybe it need to be active (aka auto renews? )

and select camera for it in the app
i login to the shopping site with subscriber id and Wyze Cam V3 is now fist in list

added 3 to shopping cart …

I am using google chrome

I have 4 Cam Plus and I got the same results as you did.

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Same here. 3 cams with Cam Plus. WHOOPS!

Very irritating.

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Really sucks when you try to order camera V3. Wyze tries to force you to subscribe to their service. Prefer privacy, not intrusion. Idiots.

Hey now, I don’t like that policy, either.

But they are within their right to do that. Just as it’s within your right not to buy their products.

Hey all, the Wyze Cam V3 is available at Micro Center for thirty bucks.

Link? I didn’t see it listed at their website.

I have to disagree. When I purchased their products. They were not pushing their subscription service. I took the chance on a couple of their items that were “pre-orders” for unbuilt products. Trying to “force me” to subscribe. I’ll trash what I have. Go the DIY route.

Nothing is being forced on you. You can boycott if you want.

It’s a private business and if you think what they did is illegal, then file a class action suit.

[mod edit] You work for them???

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Nope I’m not connected with Wyze, [mod edit] do a search. I’m very critical of the company. However, I don’t make unreasonable demands.

If you think you can buy a $20 item from a company and turn around and insist you can buy their future product offerings at your price, now that’s unreasonable.

If you don’t like the price, support their competition. No one is forcing you to buy theirs.

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I’ll buy more when you make them in black. And I’ll buy a lot more when they are in 4K.

i feel like i’m being punished because i have no use for all the other stuff you’re selling nor do i have the dollars to drop at will, i believe in first come first serve not greed.

I really think it is dirty tactics to only offer anything to a group that subscribe to a service you sell whether they need it or not. I do not subscribe because I do not NEED it. But you will cast me aside when product is available? I have been a customer since V1 I have over 30 devices but a person from yesterday can buy a subscription and get put right to the front of the line?
This is not right and if anything pushes me right the hell away from Wyze it is stupid decisions like this. Bull$i++!
Take that to the top.