Wyze Cam v3 and company loyalty

Disappointed to see that Wyze is not offering the Wyze v3 camera to their loyal customers(in their latest email) who have supported the company since they began. We have bought their light bulbs, watches, Outdoor plug, socket plugs, Bands, Cams and may other items. They have elected to offer their Wyze v3 cam to people who are willing to subscribe to their Cam Plus subscription instead of their loyal customers. Will still buy more Cams when available but disappointed they choice more money versus loyalty.

Loyalty? They’re a business. And they probably make a MUCH higher profit margin from subscriptions than they do from even repeat hardware buyers. Are you or I loyal enough to them to buy CamPlus? :wink:


I get what you’re saying, but this has always been their plan. The hardware at their prices is not quite, but pretty close to a loss leader. Recurring subscriptions has always been the plan, and should be the plan for many modern businesses.

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I’ve bought 11 V3’s and only 1 Cam plus subscription. I’ve also got about 20 V2’s spread around 4 properties.

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Take a look at your cable or satellite provider. They only reward the new customer with special introductory deals. They don’t reward their loyal customers. Standard practice everywhere.

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Yep. Go back a few decades and the cheapest rate you’ll ever get on your Reader’s Digest magazine subscription is the first time you sign up.

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Reader’s Digest subscription? It sounds like you might be as old as I am. Who else remembers Reader’s Digest subscriptions except old farts like me?


I miss watching Gunsmoke and Bonanza. Now I spend more time in medical offices than I spend watching TV. LoL.

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20+ years ago I was that elementary school kid going door to door selling Reader’s Digest (and many other) magazine subscriptions to old farts like you. Hahaha

Hello all and @PCHearn
I remember seeing Reader’s Digest in 1950 when I was 8 years old. I read that the magazine was first published in 1922.