Wyze Cam v2 will not stay connected.

I have been dealing with rtsp connections consistently dropping from iSpy for 6 wyze cams for a year or better. It got me darn crazy.

Today I moved all my Tasmota/IoT/MQTT devices to a separate wireless router/access point (different wifi SSID too). I have not seen one camera disconnect since.

Btw… Used an old Linksys wrt54g with dd-wrt I had laying around. Yard sales & Thrift stores have them for $3 - $5.

(((Wyze))) again.

Just purchased a Wyze Cam v2 to accompany my first generation Wyze cameras and having disconnection issues. It will only stream for about 20 minutes then disconnect. Tried reconnecting through the app but would fail to reconnect. It would instruct me to force close the app or turn off and on the camera. I was able to reboot by reinstalling the camera as I did when I installed the camera for the first time using the app. This has happened twice so far and it being a camera for my front door In a high up position I am not happy about this.

Kudos to the changing wifi channel option in the router management. Seems to be working for me. The shame is if I have to do this with any kind of regularity. What happens when I’m not home and want to monitor my cameras and can’t because of a crowded channel? Seems ridiculous.