Wyze Cam v2 will not stay connected.

Using a straight out of the box brand spanking new single Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US) not less than 30 feet from 5 WYZE V2 (2 Pan and Tilts and 3 regular cams) connected to 100/1000 switch and then to a Sonic Wall. Nothing else is connected to the AP. All resolutions on cams are brought down to 360p, sound is off AND I am STILL getting huge intermittent connectivity issues. Trust me when I say…it’s NOT my equipments fault. All 5 cams are on one AP with nothing else on the AP but my phone. WYZE FIX THIS!!!

Were any of you able to have a permanent fix for this issue? I have 3 Wyze Cam v2’s and every since I updated to the latest firmware, everyday the connection comes in and out. Now it mostly shows the cameras as offline and when when they are online, when clicking into them it’s a hit or miss as to whether I can view live stream from it. This is super frustrating as I’ve also added access points too.
This is my setup’s details

  • iPhone XR / iOS v13.3.1
  • Wyze App v2.8.20
  • Firmware v

Appreciate any good insight out there to resolve this issue, thanks!

I found the issue to be interference to my wifi.

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Ahic, did you resolve it at the end? What particular kind of interference was it, was it the router’s channel? Thanks

was this ever fixed my three day old camera loses wifi also
feb 2020

This was all fixed for me by Fall of 2018.

All my cameras work on WiFi very well.

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I went through about three months of Beta testing and was very frustrated but ultimately very very satisfied with performance. I only recently added a fourth camera for my just completed wine cellar and it connected and streamed perfectly.

Check your router band and signal strength as the problem with live streaming may be related to the router.

Go to Wyze or to Youtube for some helpful videos on connecting Wyze hardware; that helped me back when.


I have two Pan Cams that I bought at the same time, May 2018. One of them is working fine. The other won’t stay connected since about a month or so ago. I swapped the locations of each cam but the one that won’t stay connected doesn’t stay connected no matter where I put it. Again, the other one works fine in the same locations as the one that doesn’t work. I tried swapping the power supplies and cords just to see if that made a difference. It did not.

I also have the Wyze v2, it only stays connected for about an hour then it’s done and I have to unplug it and remove it completely from the app in order to reconnect it. Then it disconnects again. It has done this since I bought it. I have no idea why they continue to sell these.

Wyze Cam worked well for months although night vision is def lacking. No complaint at price point but of late my camera is not reliable. Powers on for minute or two and then it goes offline. I was a wyze fan but getting concerned.

I have had my Wyze Cam v2 for a couple of years now. about a month ago (may 2020) all 3 of them started acting flakey (lose connection constantly), tap the icon to reconnect, and they would stay connected, literally 5 minutes and it would lose connection again. In JULY 2020, Wyze sent out a FW update and shortly after an app update. My cams were stable for about a month (rarely lose connection). As of August 10, 2020, it is like they have a mind of their own, I cannot keep any of them connected for longer than 2 to 3 minutes. EXTREMELY frustrating. I rebooted my Nighthawk router (twice) and it did not help at all. Seems that the Wyze guys (pun intended) could put in some “tenacity retries” into their algorithm’s to beef up the connection stability. My next thing is to try connecting via RTSP and connect them through my linux server and debug this issue.
Wyze Guys! Fix this!!!

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I purchased a wyze cam v2 a few days ago and i have had nothing but problems. It wouldn’t connect to my wifi so i reconfigured my wifi and got a 2.4 ghz as a different connection option, got it to connect. Then i could watch a live stream for like an hour maybe and then it would say offline error code 90 for about 1-5 hours or until i unplug it and plug it back in. While its “offline”, I can’t see any motion events or be able to see anything even after the fact when its back on. So i changed the channel that the wifi box is on, no changes, deleted the cam and tried again, no changes, i have done everything that i can think of. If anyone had an idea of what else i could do, that would be great as this is how i am trying to keep an eye on the security of my house.

I had similar connection problems. I had to move my WIFI access point closer to the cameras. Fortunately my cameras are all ion the same general area. The WIFI on these cameras suck.

Really a shame that Wyze does not say anything in here. So many have bought their product and yet no support from them. I have the same issue constantly and have 3 cams v2

So i was able to fix mine, i changed my wifi router boxes setting to have two network names, one a 5.0 and one 2.4. Connected strictly to 2.4. After that, i switched my wifi boxes “channel” it was originally set to automatic but i switched it to 6. I don’t know if thats anyone else problem as well but it fixed mine and has never disconnected since. Its been over a week. Every service provider has a different way to change that information so you can google how to change channel and network names with your service provider!

Exact same problem here

Yes my cameras loss connection constantly. I have 4 cameras connected to my WiFi and every day or two one or more cameras disconnect. Resetting the power plug resets them but it is a BIG nuisance. This becomes a bigger hardship when you are away from home and can’t view a camera or many times two. Has anyone found a fix for this problem. If it is a WiFi issue what can I do to fix it. I have two WIFI services, Verizon and Spectrum, so to me it is not my WIFI because it happens on either system.

I had posted this on the FB Core Community and my cams have stayed up since. Here is my post:

For those that are still having connectivity issues I think I finally solved mine. I looked on my access point or router( I converted my router to an AP) but my 2.4 seemed to be in a very busy channel, neighbors wireless were in the same channel. I moved mine over to a quiet channel and my cams have been solid for more than 2 hours now! You can find out with a network analyzer app, I use Wifiman but there are many others.

We are having the same problem. I tried changing our xfinity wifi router channel but that setting is now always automatically managed by the ISP… can’t manually change it anymore. So, either their channel management stinks or the channel being crowded is not the problem (or both, haha).

Any other solutions?

I have the same problem now, I’ve tried everything nothing helps. My network is stable and I have no problems with the Ring cameras on the same network. My internet service checked out very good. I think the problem is within the Wyze system itself and that is what the internet tech guy said. Unless they correct on their own it 's hopeless, there is nothing else left to do. The motion detector works on the 13 sec vid, but the SD card doesn’t connect, and neither do live videos, and if the do, they stall, speed up or quit all together.