Wyze Cam v2 Wifi Signal Strength: not supported

@FDD Yes, go to camera live stream, gear icon top right.

Device Settings > Device Info > Signal Strength

I’d check your WiFi router setting and see if it has signal strength metering …

Signal strength for v2 cams appears to be broken under the Android version of the Wyze app. Regardless of signal strength, it reports zero bars. :neutral_face:

Under the iOS version of the Wyze app, it appears to be reporting 3 bars regardless of signal strength.

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Yep, I forgot about the Android issue. :grimacing:

I checked my Android device and all the bars are showing empty on every cam.

On my iPad all three bars are showing full signal strength.

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I tested actual signal strength from -20dBm to -90dBm using v2 cams. It’s definitely broken on both Android and iOS.

Submitted log… Ticket ID: 40687


I reported it as well and submitted log. Ticket ID: 40692


Ill check this when (if) I get home, should we put Shen in the recipient area again for logs still?


I found it. Select cam - settings. Scroll all the way down it’s hidden. Device info. That should really be at the top. Vs all the other nice to haves. So on iPhone it displays 3 bars. Thx .


No, you don’t need to do that anymore. But please post the log number so we can scoop them. :slight_smile:

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We were able to reproduce this issue a couple of days ago but aren’t seeing it on our end anymore. Is anyone still having trouble with this and, if so, could you please send in a log and post your log number?

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Still a problem for v2 cams ( under both Android and iOS.

Android app (2.13.119) shows zero bars regardless of actual signal strength.

iOS app (2.13.22) shows 3 bars regardless of actual signal strength.

WCO cam signal strength reporting is not affected.

Ticket ID: 41765

@WyzeGwendolyn. As you requested.

I am on the Android beta currently and I am seeing this on all of my cameras. There is no discernible impact to them and they all are working fine (more than likely helped by my network upgrade recently)

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