WYZE Cam V2 turning off randomly

I have two cameras in a group that have turned off a few times as well.

Both have updated firmware.

Any other ideas?

Mine haven’t done it again since my first post.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeBrandon

I have 10 V2 cams and 1 Pan. Tonight the Pan and 7 of the V2s were found with the message “This Device has been turned off”. Of the cams that went offline, some are running the latest firmware that supports RTSP and the rest are latest stock firmware. Furthermore, 3 of the cams are in a completely different physical location, miles away. This would indicate that the problem has some relationship to the cloud account.

This is yet another reason why the App needs to send notification when cameras change state from ONline to OFFline without being manually taken offline.

Guys THIS IS VERY BAD. If a bad event happens during a time when the cameras are offline… well… people are going to be furious and the investment would have been a complete waste of money.

If the app gave the notification cams went offline, it would be at least more tolerable until the problem can be resolved. However knowing that the cameras can turn off at any time without knowing is very unsettling. @WyzeGwendolyn I think Wyze at least owes a response to this. If there has already been a response that I haven’t found, will someone please point me to it?

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Were you receiving that message when trying to view the live stream? And do you have anyone with shared access to the cameras? I will share this feedback with the team.

Not sure what you mean by :point_up:.
This message was observed for each affected camera once the app and group view was opened. Just to be clear; there are two offline scenarios.

  1. A message that says the device is turned off
  2. A message that says the device is offline

The bigger problem again is when these conditions occur unexpectedly and is unknown until the user happens to check the app.

To answer the other part of the question; yes, two other users have shared access and the conditions were the same when viewed on their apps.

Just to post my own update; shortly after I posted about my issue, it stopped happening, or at least as much. I’m not sure if a firmware or app update resolved it but its been better. Sorry I have no shareable solution.

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Alright, since you specified that the message appeared and said that the camera was turned off, I would check to see if one of the shared users accidentally (or on purpose) turned off a camera. That one SHOULD be an intentional action. The camera going offline would be more of a connectivity issue. I’ve been sharing your feedback with the team.

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Thanks for the follow-up @WyzeGwendolyn. While your theory is a possibility (it does require about 3 steps to get to the turn off button), the other users are just as concerned about the cameras staying on, but accidents can happen. Giving it some more thought, since turning OFF/ON cameras may be part of shortcuts for some people, I suppose notifications when it changes state would not be practical. So I recant my suggestion on that.

Not knowing when a camera goes offline is definitely still a concern though.

-nods- Thank you for the update on your perspective. I’ll share that with the team as well.

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The same issue with my cameras. I have 6 v2 and 2 pan. Very annoying. Can’t say how may of them turning off by itself, right now, but I will look closely.

This is exactly what I’m running into.

Happening to all 4 of my Wyze cams as well.

I found the culprit for some of my issues.
I was sharing some of my cameras with family. They didn’t know how to use the app and were clicking on the camera where the OFF button is. That didn’t explain all of the occurrences, but I am not experiencing this anymore. Hope that helps.

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@twowheeled Agree there appear to be a couple scenarios that lend themselves to this happening.

Another is if you are using groups, there is a power icon on the group that can inadvertently turn OFF all cameras in one go.

Having this issue nightly. We have to turn 4 cameras on after midnight every morning. My wife and I are the only ones with access. Neither of us had any shortcuts or scheduled tasks. Local storage in each camera. Set to record all day. Very frustrating.

Are all 4 turning off simultaneously or are they each turning off at random times?

We figured it out.

My wife was touching “on” forthe group to look at a camera…

She has now been properly trained…


I am glad you got it figured out

Welcome to the community! @jasoncutler2 Glad to hear you resolved your problem. We’ve all had those kind of days. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does anyone know if a log file is created when a camera is turned off? Or if there is anyway to know when or how it is turned off? Recently had a home invasion but the cameras were not recording 36 hours prior to the invasion and I do not know why. Both cameras had local storage and plenty of space left. Only two people have app access and neither of us turned them off. There’s no shortcuts or group settings or anything. Will a power surge cause something like this? Or the power being turned off and back on?