Wyze cam v2 stops continuous recording to SD card

For the last few weeks my wyze cam v2 which is set to continuous recording on the SD card, stops recording. I’ve reset the camera, formatted the SD card, and it still will record for a few hours or days and then just stop for no apparent reason. This didn’t start happening until recently. The SD card seems to be fine. I’m baffled as to what to do or why it is now doing this?

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I have 2 cams that have stopped recognizing SD card too. I’ve gone through the suggested resets and no change. The SD cards work because I’ve tried them in a different device. Both cards are wyze SD and have been formatted properly. I’ve sent in a log report several days ago but haven’t heard from Wyze. Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can help?

Did you contact support and open a support ticket. Logs go to the developers and usually you will not get a response on a log.

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No, I have not gone that route…I thought the log entry did the same alert only with added info from the device. I will contact support in addition, thank you