Wyze Cam v2 Freezes After 2-3 Sec



I had this cam in the garage and it worked great for a few months. I recently moved to look out an upstairs window. I had no problems there until a firmware upgrade ( Now it will connect and I see live video for 2-3 second then it freeze and tries to reconnect. Sometimes it will and others it just fails with error code 0. It suggests exiting the app and retrying…which sometimes I can re-connect and others I get error code 0.

It’s remote so I can’t reboot the router (the other suggestion) but will try that later. The other interesting is that it will let me turn off the camera when it says the connection failed. I can then turn it back on and connect again for a few seconds. Wifi strength is 81% so that’s not the issue. iOS client is 1.5.51. Any ideas?



I’m having a somewhat similar issue after flashing the firmware to this version in order to rectify issues with firmware Now I went from not getting notifications pushed, to now the camera connects at 100% signal strength for 2-3 seconds then it just dies off and states there is no signal. I know this is a issue with either this firmware or the camera itself because I’m running a mesh network in my home and I pretty much have 3000 sq ft of home covered by wifi. I have no issues with any other device in my home. So I’m going to try flashing it to and see how that goes.