Wyze cam v2 cannot connect my deco m5 WiFi network

Hi there,

I just bought a wyze cam v2 and I can not connect it to my WiFi network.

I have read about switching off the 5ghz band and I did it but it still does not work.

I have re initialize all the components including my deco m5 router and i reinstalled the mobile wyze app.

Every time i got the blue flashing light in my wyze cam.

Welcome to the community, @leopoldo. The user guide on the TP-Link support pages will probably have your answer. :slight_smile:

The WiFi network is working ok. But I can not complete the wyze cam setup. Looks like wyze cam can not join the WiFi network.

We don’t have a caveat list for the cams, but here is one for the plugs. Make sure none of these items are interfering:

Page 10 of the M5 user guide appears to have a way to shut off the 5GHz network temporarily. You might want to see if that works.

I have tried all the suggestions in the list. I turned off the 5Ghz network, i reseted the wyze cam several times. I turned on the location services for wyze app. I also turned off the fast roaming feature in my TP-Link Deco M5 router, but i still can not complete the setup process.

I am really frustrated. I had a lot of expectations about this product but it simply does not work.

Well, this is a user-to-user community, so it’s probably time to bring in Wyze to see if you need a replacement or a return: