Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan Firmware Released! 11/15/19

Having similar issues. No cameras will connect anymore. I could connect for a bit but after trying to view recorded playback, nothing would connect anymore.

Applied the update to my pans, v1, and v2s without any issues. I used the multi-update function.

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UPDATE: Okay, so I found out that my problem is that the latest update breaks when having an SDCard plugged in. Never experienced this problem with all of the other updates.
Once I unplugged my SDcards, I was able to update both of my Pans. I formatted my sdCARD just to be sure and so far back up and working as before.

How about a yearly price at a discount for the Complete Motion Capture feature? Maybe a $5 discount if paid a year in advance?


Well that’s really intuitive - not. I get more disillusioned with Wyze every time they do anything with their software or firmware - one step forward and two steps back. :unamused:

Firmware that doesn’t install (twice now), firmware updates that break motion tracking, software updates that make cameras unusable, plugs and lights that take weekends off, plugs and lights that work differently depending on whether or not they are grouped. All this in just the 6 months I’ve owned Wyze products. I am about ready to trash all my Wyze products and move on. Better things to do with my time then deal with this level of unprofessional product development and support.

Not yet, but the feature just launched today. If you’d like to see a yearly payment option, you can vote for it here.


I just updated to on my pan cam and I seems to have hosed it. It reboots, pans around a bit pauses and clicks a few times then reboots and does it all again. I can briefly connect to it with the app during this but have no control, if I hit a setting it says they are not are not saved.

Hello @drbayless and welcome to the community

I would try to reflash the firmware to an older version using an SD card and then try to update it again.

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Now u r not paying but with complete motion capture u will :grin:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wyze software and firmware updates. :fearful:

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It’s all part of the fun of wanting something better but less painful than a Microsoft bug. :grinning:

I’m not sure it’s either - better or less painful - and certainly not fun. :thinking:

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We’re sorry to hear about this, @drbayless!

Please reach out to our support team so that we can help out with this.

Support Request Form


So what the heck? Is it safe to update to the latest firmware or not? I have 6 Wyze Cam Pan’s and really have no confidence in this update at all!

I am only 1 person, but I updated 10 V2 cams and a pan cam and have not run into any issues. I know others have but mine did go ok.


Updated 5 v2 cams and 1 Cam Pan to the new firmware and new app and I’ve had no issues with any of them so far. All seems pretty stable to me.

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Thank you for your reply’s. It seems the problems are more with Wyze Cam Pan’s that have a sd cards installed?

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I have a Wyze 32 GB SD card in my Cam Pan and no issues with it so far.


Please confirm if you have SD cards installed in your cameras or not.

8 of my 10 V2’s have SD cards and my pan has an SD card