Wyze Cam v2 and Pan Firmware 4.X.7.798 Releasing - 7/21/21

My Pan Cam (WYZECP1) bricked a couple nights ago when I tried to update it from the Android app. I’ve now got it on my desk and tried updating from microSD, both the latest release and the previous and the yellow light stays solid after the brief yellow/blue combo. No sound or motion like a normal boot. I also tried the factory reset, holding the reset button for 30 seconds and waiting a couple minutes and nothing happens. The light remains solid yellow. No log files appear on the card.

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Hi @SpareSimian Give Live Support a call: +1-206.339.9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Same here. Ruined my camera! I should’ve gone with a Ring.

Having the same issues since update. No of the troubleshooting steps have resolved issue. Last night it was suggested that I have go get new cameras. Losing faith in wyze as well.

I engaged support in chat and they’re replacing the camera, even though it’s out of warranty. I’m still hoping this can be fixed, though, the way NASA can fix unexpected problems with space probes millions of miles away.

I know how hard it is to design this kind of thing, as I’ve done similar designs myself. Making firmware updates bullet-proof is hard, even when you’ve got the product on the lab bench.

To be fair though, if a company does a beta test on a firmware update and it bricks a bunch of the test cams, then they should try to fix it and then issue a NEW public beta test and see if anything else bricks. In this case, Wyze did a single public Beta, and the firmware bricked a bunch of cams (and told a bunch of others it failed), so they already KNEW that firmware had big problems. They presumably made some fixes to it, but then instead of doing a second public beta to make sure (as good QA would call for), they just went straight to full massive public release, and now a bunch more cams bricked. Wyze instead should’ve done a second public beta first before risking everyone else’s cams on an untested public release. They knew there was an issue with the beta, and rather than verify they fixed it, they just went straight to public, which was fairly negligent from a QA standpoint. To Wyze’s credit though, they have been replacing several cams for people who had problems even when they are no longer under warranty. For this they are to be commended for doing the right thing under the circumstances. Many companies would not do this. Perhaps this is why Wyze decided to go straight to public instead of another Beta, maybe their test showed that statistically there were fairly few problems, and so even though there would still be some cameras bricking, a cost-benefit analysis might have resulted in the conclusion that replacing the few bricking cameras (even those out of warranty) was better overall than trying to recode the entire thing to figure out what the problem was. I’m apt to assume this is what happened. I’ve seen it before.

Regardless of what the facts are, and which condition is correct, I have been pretty happy seeing their overall response to the issue: Communication from employees in here, offering to replace cams out of warranty that were directly affected by the “update,” etc. Honestly, that’s all a very reasonable and great response.

I’m glad to hear yours is also getting resolved, even from going through regular support, and not just from DM’ing the employees in here. That’s a great sign. :slight_smile:

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My company strongly takes the position of driving problems to root cause. But we do industrial automation, where a bug can maim or kill people. This is why most companies forbid the use of their products in health care settings. Buy my background makes me want to jump into the camera code to dig out the problem.

Guess I should have fought them harder. They offered a measly 15 dollar store credit to me. As a warning to those out there, apparently you need to keep pushing back to get them to live up to the decent thing to do in fully replacing the bricked cameras. I plan on being a pain for customer service all over again to get them to fully replace it.

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Wyze, are you ever going to fix the pink flash issue with V2 and Pan cameras?!

Interesting. Your experience is the closest parallel to my own that I’ve read in this thread.

After a 2.5-year long history of Wyze firmware & app beefs, this update actually seems to have applied as expected and has IMPROVED my Cam Pans’ performance. All updates I’ve attempted in 2021 have abended in the app and left my Cam Pans able to record clips but broke live feeds (effectively BRICKING, as many others have described, requiring manual reversion to restore functionality).
Furthermore, the previous firmware left my Cam Pans unaware of their installed microSD cards. I observed during this most recent update that my cams were SLOW to recognize they had microSD cards installed, but they DID become aware of them after a few minutes. Also, all of my Wyze Sense v1.0 stuff showed offline for a bit but eventually came into service.

Besides the clumsy update failures, the #1 issue for me has always been loss of motion-based event detection & recording. Haven’t quite been on this version 24hrs yet, but both updates registered SUCCESSFUL in the app and motion events ARE being recorded. I’ll also say that this update resolved slow feed response when panning using recent app versions. No doubt that was due to old firmware mismatch w/new app.

Not quite ready to update my parents’ (11) cams since they live a long way from me, but, barring any regression with mine, I’m planning to test the waters during an upcoming visit. I’ll post any results here or in future firmware update threads.

EDIT-1: Decided to update (9) remote cams since I’ll be visiting soon. All (9) went like clockwork and it feels good to be current for the first time since early 2019! Operation seems to be good all the way around. microSD cards eventually registered & panning feed / performance improved per the experience I described above with my own Cam Pans. Also observed better audio performance. The past few years’ experience has forever made me cautious about firmware, but this most recent version seems to agree with all of my stuff.

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What is this? I haven’t yet experienced it.

The pink flash issue happens when you turn the cameras on via the app on the home screen. The camera will immediately do a loud click and start recording because there is a pink flash, which you only see in the recording and not in person watching the camera. So apparently it has something to do with the IR lights. This starting happening after a firmware update a while back, I don’t remember which one, but it’s still happening now. Every single one of my V2 and Pan camera’s are having this pink flash issue and it’s annoying.

Sounds like the IR CUT filter is being retracted. Perhaps they added this routine to make sure that the IR CUT filter is in a known position when the camera is powered on. What’s your problem with this?

I’m not sure what you’re asking me. I want my money back for this camera. I only had it for a couple months before it stopped working due to this firmware update.

Hi Bindi Welcome to the user forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Believe @speadie’s post is a reply to @Resist (top right of the post).

Sounds like your camera experienced a bad load on the last firmware update. As this is a user forum we can offer suggestions to address this trouble but do not participate in returns or replacements.

You will need to address this by opening a Support Ticket with Wyze.

Live support is available: +1-206.339.9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I already know that the clicking sound is the IR filter being retracted, but normally it isn’t this loud. It only started being really loud when the Pink flash issue also happened. That’s my problem with this.

I’m tired of making support tickets and all Wyze customer support does is have my reboot and setup the cameras all over again, and it doesn’t fix the issue. Then they just want to replace the cameras. And I have a hard time believing that all my V2 camera’s (and Pan cameras), with are over a dozen of them need replacing. This is a software issue, not a hardware issue!

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Stop turning the old V2s on and off? All my cams are on 24/7, with only detection changing due to any issues.

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I wish, lol. Not so much that I would be dead, but my family would be taken care of. :wink:

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If they want to give you a bunch of new cameras, I’d take them up on that… the v2s have an image sensor that starts to fail after a couple of years, and the image gets grainy and pixelated… now, if they want you to buy all new cameras, that’s a different story.