Wyze Cam Siren

Hi, My name is Christopher Cruz and I’m a proud Wyze cam user. I was introduced to Wyze cam through a co-worker, I was looking for a security camera on a budget and he send Wyze cam link to me. Since then I have install Wyze cams throughout the house and always looking for any new upgrades. I was thinking it will be awesome if we could set off some kind of a siren thru the cam speaker. If someone had ever brake into the house, I would like to have the option to set off a siren, and if we can have all the cameras go off at the same time that will be even better. But what if we only have one or two cameras? I think it will be helpful if we can have the option of using Alexa as the assisting speaker. We can access it through the Wyze cam app and set it off. We can say “Alexa sound security alarm” and all the Wyze cams go off including Alexa. Just imagine a thief in your home face with a loud annoying siren, he would be out of there in seconds. What do you guys think??


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