Wyze Cam says Offline, but is definitely Online

Happens on occasion to some of my V3’s usually a power cycle clears it up, but when it does not deleting and setting back up resolves the offline camera that is able to stream issue.

Se here just started tonight

My offline report issue was due to a default router setting called something about bandwidth fairness. It had to be turned off. Otherwise the router kicks it off occasionally and when it logs back in on new ip their server don’t handle the change well.

Then when it just stops recording I have to delete the device and reinstall it. It’s annoying. That’s the main thing that is preventing me from being a long term subscriber. Every time something happens the darn camera wasn’t saving any videos online even though I have the paid liscene. I tried once or twice with tech support but they want to look at seemingly dumb things like what app version I have. If all cameras are working but one why does that matter? If it is removed and reinstall it works again. I also noticed it stops after a period of constant activity like a tree blowing in the wind all day then it will not record anything again until remove and install. Maybe they kick it due to excess activity. If so they need to auto reconnect later but it appears never to resume. Happens on multiple cameras each right after a long period of activity. Once it was a spider web glimmer. Thanks. Hope it helps.

I bought tow cams about 2 years ago. The first one still works perfectly except it doesn’t capture motion as before. The second one work perfectly at the beginning then offline most of the times. I gave up after asking for support few time ( I was told to reset and I did 3 times but didn’t help) but I need it to work now. I read some advice but don’t understand. So, can you help please? Thanks

check your router advanced setrings for network fairness or a similar setting and disable it.

Will try. Thanks

it means the router kicks off inactive devices. then the camera doesnt connect back to thier system correctly for some reason.

Yeah, I did called for supported few times. They all told me to delete the app, redownload, reconnect …but didn’t help. I hear the clicking sound of the cam from disconnect and reconnect all the time.

Exact same issue cam V3 randomly says offline but can see Livestream and it records clips just fine. Usually power cycle will resolve this but it’s anoying as it undermines my confidence in this otherwise great camera. And yes the camera is updated to the latest firmware and I am using the latest version of the app. This has been an issue for months

I have the same issues with the V3 camera where I can see live streams but it says it is offline.
Some people were able to resolve their issues by disabling the Airtime Fairness on their WiFi router, but I do not have that on my Netgear Orbi router so I do not think that is it.

When looking at the Camera’s IP address on the Wyze App I noticed that even though the camera is working (when offline) that the IP address listed does not match the IP address in the router for that MAC address.

Not sure if the camera keeps on getting a new IP from the router via DHCP from time to time, etc…

I went ahead and assigned a static IP address on the router to all the Wyze cameras so it will always get the same IP address and power cycled all cameras.
It has been over a week and I no longer see the offline issue.

Not sure if this is an issue with the router or if it is a bug when the camera gets a new IP address from the router and it has it cached in a couple of places.

So it looks like this solves the issue or at least is a workaround.


There is a known issue (that I thought was fixed) where some cameras present a different MAC address at times, and thus can end up with two different leased IP addresses as far as the router is concerned.

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Happened to me…AFTER I upgraded firmware as requested. Sigh.

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V2 Camera shows offline, but streaming works.

  • In advance settings Sync Time does not work (msg: Sync Time Failed)
  • Restart Camera command (msg: Restart Device Failed)
  • Play back from SIM card works.
  • Changing night vision mode works.

Tried resetting router, camera reconnects ok after router, but camera continues to not take Sync Time or a remote restart.

This camera is in a very in accessible location, so it would be nice if someone at Wyze would read and respond to this issue, which seems to be on going over the years.


Wyze IS aware of the issue, whether they acknowledge it here or not. Plenty of people (many in this very thread) have put in troubleshooting tickets with Wyze support. Unfortunately Wyze support has no idea how to fix the issue and so everyone is basically forced to accept “we’re not sure what the problem is” as an answer.

If Wyze support was any good, they would acknowledge there is an issue and would have by now (going on what, 3+ years now?) actually done something. Instead, as with many long standing Wyze issues, they just don’t care. They’d rather you just by another camera (that will also have the same issue eventually).

Having numerous bugs across multiple camera versions (v1 - v3) for 3, 4 or more years, and doing nothing to address it is just unacceptable. Wyze will never get another dime from me for their cheaply made products. I should have spent the $250 on a hard wired system with better cameras and an at-home hardrive for storage. No “cloud” and no problems that don’t get fixed for years (but oh, hey, buy our Cam Plus service!).

Same problem here. I have 2 residences so I can’t physically get to the camera. I have about 10 cameras and other accessories. I just bought another outdoor camera before this started happening. I’m going to take them all, and sell them on eBay and buy another system. I’m going to return the one I just bought. This sucks. Totally unacceptable I have a problem for this long and not get it fixed. I hate companies like that. I will not do business with them any longer.

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I have these issues with multiple devices too. I agree with @jsfdc. I have more than 10 devices on my network. I’m going to sell all of them on ebay, return the ones that I can, and install a different system. I have recommended Wyze to a few other friends, but will definitely stop doing so as this is unacceptable. They need to fix the issues that their own software is creating.

Agree with @ jsfdc. I can’t be pulling out ladders, rebooting, re-running setups, etc. every time a device goes offline. Furthermore, it seems to happening more and more frequently.

I own:

2 v3 cams
2 v2 cams
1 pan cam
3 indoor plugs
2 outdoor plugs
1 doorbell
1 light strip
1 security system (motion, entry, et al sensors)…
Cam plus subscription

So as you can see, I’ve been a fan.

Today my wife told me our lamps and Christmas lights won’t come on. Of course, they’re offline in the app. Power cycle didn’t correct anything. In the few hours since, everything has gone offline. Nothing works… I mean, I can view the offline cameras as most report, and they appear to be online according to my router, but I can’t do anything with them with the app offline.

I’ve also grown tired of them. The more devices I buy, the more I have to fight them. They’re cheap, so Wyze seems to treat them as disposable. They’re great for tinkering with but very unreliable. Time to move to an entirely different platform.

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Is there a performance benefit to assigning static IPs (ie, better cam streaming and responsiveness to commands, etc) or is it just excluding something (dynamic assignment) that can cause mysterious/intermittent issues?

The router help blub sez it can make things ‘easier to administer.’ :expressionless:

Next up: Smudging with sage.


I am totally there with you tonight, brother. And I have only a modest collection of cams, bulbs, plugs.

Someone said hereabouts that this kind of despair is often followed by a period of ‘perfect’ operation. You relax, smile… then despair again.

Not a good life plan. :slight_smile:

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