Wyze Cam Pan v2 Protocol RTSP

I am interested in using the RTSP protocol on Wyze Cam Pan v2 to connect it to Zone Minder

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I guess the first question is if the original Pan and the v2 Pan use different firmware, or is it the same firmware… Don’t have the answer. If it’s the same firmware, then RTSP is already available for it.

I had talked to support and it seems the firmware is different

Not surprising, but would have made it easy…

The firmware is indeed different between the v1 and v2. There was a post elsewhere (linked below), to not expect RTSP for probably a year on Pan v2.

I saw her post on it yesterday.

I have 6 V3’s running RTSP firmware, monitoring them via Blue Iris. I’d like to get a few Cam Pan v2’s, but only if the have RTSP firmware available, so I can monitor/control them via Blue Iris


It will get there - eventually.

This is something I need or I’ll have to return the two cameras I bought. Thought they had RTSP available for them, but thanks to the not-at-all clear naming scheme I was mistaken.

The original Cam Pan supports a separate firmware for RTSP, they do not have one for the v2 yet and there is no current ETA