Wyze Cam Pan RTSP


I’ve been trying to upgrade my wye cam pan to the RTSP firmware and when holding the setup button I get the “Ready to connect” prompt. I downloaded the firmware unzipped and named it demo.bin. Could there be something I’m doing wrong?


Hello and welcome to the Wyze Community.

Here is a link to setting up RTSP. I had the same thing happen and came to find out that I was not holding the setup button when plugging in the USB cable.


I’ve followed the instructions exactly, when holding the button when plugging in after a few seconds it starts rotating, then gives the ready to connect prompt.


A couple of things to check -
Is the SD card 32GB or less and formatted as FAT32?
When you name the firmware do you make sure you are viewing the extension?
Windows will rename a binary file and put the .bin extension on it so you end up with demo.bin.bin


So it has to be 32 or less cause I’ve been using a 128gb micro sd


Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But 32GB is what Wyze sells.