Wyze Cam Pan RTSP

I’ve been trying to upgrade my wye cam pan to the RTSP firmware and when holding the setup button I get the “Ready to connect” prompt. I downloaded the firmware unzipped and named it demo.bin. Could there be something I’m doing wrong?

Hello and welcome to the Wyze Community.

Here is a link to setting up RTSP. I had the same thing happen and came to find out that I was not holding the setup button when plugging in the USB cable.

I’ve followed the instructions exactly, when holding the button when plugging in after a few seconds it starts rotating, then gives the ready to connect prompt.

A couple of things to check -
Is the SD card 32GB or less and formatted as FAT32?
When you name the firmware do you make sure you are viewing the extension?
Windows will rename a binary file and put the .bin extension on it so you end up with demo.bin.bin

So it has to be 32 or less cause I’ve been using a 128gb micro sd

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But 32GB is what Wyze sells.

I use a 8Gb… and have same issue.
Used this same card on a V2 and works perfect. (I was loading the new RTSP fw)

Also, I tried to save videos files at camera…and SD card works fine inside camera.

Only my PAN is not willing to cooperate.

Remove USB power, insert card with demo.bin (yes not using the V2 fw that is different) power usb… I get that yelowish blue for a short period of time… and then yellow fix and puff… does nothing.

Meaning, I go to the app, and see no change on fw version, see no option on rtsp… while on V2 it did what was supposed to do.


I think I am pressing the button to the maximum… so is there a way to check if button pressed or not? does it “blink” differently?