Wyze Cam Pan Motor Noise when rotating



Does anyone else here a noise of the motor when their cam rotates? I have it to automatically rotate every 10 seconds for the 360* scan but the noise is becoming really annoying. Over the weekend I also had also set a “Sound Detection” with the lowest sensitivity and I was getting an alert every 10 seconds when the camera rotated. I had to disable it.


Yup… I have a buzz as the camera translates.


Noise reduction design is a luxurious thing that doesn’t come with $30 security camera. I can live with this one small con for the price it sells. My other camera, Fo_cam R2 rotates very stealthily but it cost double and it doesn’t creepily follow me like Cam Pan. But you never know in the next version.


I was making the post to see if this is normal on every wyze cam pan or if it was just mine; the help page on the website doesn’t say.


Sorry, in short, yes, the motor noise is quite audible.


When I first got mine the noise wasn’t bad both when near the camera or listing to audio in the app. I ran Pan Scan about two hours and now instead of just the humming sound there is a somewhat loud squeal when it rotates. Will be sending it back to Amazon if it doesn’t clear up.


My Pan Cam is also quite noisy as it rotates. I am hoping Wyze will come up with an improved version but for the price point it is still a good product.


I missed this post a few days ago when I posted about the same thing. The annoying issue is that the motor noise when slewing will generate a sound alert. I have tried reducing the alert level to less that 20 and the slewing noise still cause and alert.

Consequently, I have turned off the sound detection alert.


I bought 2, one rotates silently ane one is noisy. The sound is most noticable on the playback of the notification.