Wyze Cam Pan Microphone Extremely Quiet!


So there just is no fix for this? I havent seen any updates…


As of this date , no fix yet


I just received this from wyze support
Jonathan (Wyze)

May 15, [1:44 PM](calendar:T1:1:44 PM) PDT

Hello Scott,

Our product engineering team has found a software bug that causes an audio issue between Samsung devices and Wyze Cam Pan. Finding a fix for the Cam Pan audio issue is our highest priority right now for the team.

Once there is an update from the engineering team, I will update you on the issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Jonathan | Wyze Product Specialist


That’s the first actual response I’ve seen. Considering there’s over 40+ threads littered with this issue and complaints, people leaving the WYZE product line etc… I’m sure it is “now” their main priority. Let’s hope there’s a fix soon.

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Thank you for posting


I have the original ring, ring pro, ring stickup and two ring spotlight cameras.
For what I paid for the 1st ring I could have bought 5 wyze cameras that have many of the same features.
Big difference is the weather resistance of the rings.
Comparing the ring to the wyze camera really isn’t a fair comparison.
Wyze makes security cameras that everyone can afford. Not only do they capture quality pictures video and audio. They also alert you if they hear a fire, smoke or C02 alarm going off.
Rings a good product that some can afford. Wyze is a good product that everyone can afford.
One other thing about the wyze cam vs ring discussion. WYZE cams are simple to relocate. Rings not so easy.
I currently have 3 wyze pans, 5 wyze cam v2 and 3 wyze sence kits. All of that cost about the same as 1 Ring Pro doorbell.

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