Wyze Cam Pan - Keeps restarting/resetting on it's own

Any reboots I have experienced with the Pan have always (for me) been related to either an SD card that needs to be formatted, or a one that has a corrupted SD card. I’m starting to suspect the included power supplies with recent Pans have insufficient power, especially if either daisy chained with other cameras, or have a Sense bridge plugged into them. Does any of that apply to those of you having the reboot problem?

Did you even read any of the responses above ??

That’s my point, you don’t even read what the issue is you don’t even read what setup user is running and or have tried to isolate the problem. Heck, the reboots are happening with or without SD card installed regardless.

The mods don’t work for Wyze. We are all volunteers who assist when we can in our free time.

My reply was a general one to everyone in this thread. As I stated before, I’m starting to suspect the Pan power supplies could be a problem. I reported that to Wyze right after I replied to this thread. If none of the replies in this thread are helpful to your issue, you should be then contacting Wyze support for assistance.