Wyze cam pan - is there a home position?

I have a wyze cam pan set up in my garage pointed at the Big door. I want that to be the “home position “ such that when the camera pans to capture motion within the garage, the camera will return to that home position after the motion has stopped. I cant see howw to do this. My home entry door is on the same wall as the camera, so when i get out of the car and enter the house, the camera ends up facing about 100 degrees off from the main door and therefore misses motion at the main door. Any help would be appreciated.

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You could set one pan scan waypoint for the camera to reset to after 10 seconds of no motion.

Thanks. That works.

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Another way is to turn on the Detection Zone. The ‘Home’ position will be same position as the Detection Zone position. The Detection Zone can be the entire screen.

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I have the similar issue. I set the detection zone and I was hoping that camera will return in this position after it followed the motion. But camera often returns to the wall and look at the wall where there is no motion at all. It looks like there’s camera does not want to see me anymore :smile: . Also while rotation the camera detects pictures change as a movement and record it.
Very often the pan cam and two usual cameras does not reswitch to the normal mode after night vision mode even though they are in auto mode.