Wyze Cam Outdoors - Time-lapse Battery Life

If I set Wyze Cam Outdoors (WCO) to take one photo per half hour of my apple tree, lawn grass, etc.

#1: Does WCO go into low power mode (turn off camera) in between the half hour?
#2: Would I get days, weeks, or months of battery life? (Let’s say not doing anything else.)

Thank you.

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That’s a good question. I am not aware that any testers tried such a long term time lapse. In looking at the app, the longest duration is currently 30 days and the longest interval between shots is 10 minutes. There are some preset time lapses in the app and you will see them once they roll that out to production next month. But, I cannot and will not give any more details for the time being. So please do not ask.

I will, however, run a 2 day test, with a 10 minute interval on my beta WCO for my own curiosity. The battery level is currently at 91%. Once the test is done, I will provide the battery use and the file size. The camera is currently viewing my backyard from the back of the lot. There is not a lot of action back there, so whatever gets recorded will be pretty boring. :laughing:

But the answer to his or her first question, going to low power mode between snaps, is surely yes, no?

You’re right, I didn’t. My mistake. I concentrated on the second question.

So, to correct that omission, let me say I don’t know for a fact exactly what it does in between TL shots. A Wyze developer would be able to give a definitive answer.

My intuition tells me that it does shut down to its basic power level until the next shot or it detects an event (which I will also include in this test) or you open the live stream through the app.

I hope that helps.

How did the test turn out / what was the battery life like after 2 days w/ 10 minute interval?

Not well. I was surprised to find it didn’t make the full 2 days before it got to 10% and I stopped the TL after 40 hours. I had heard from other testers that they did not see the same issue that I had. When I have a chance I’ll try to run the test again.

I have had similar results with timelapse. the battery drains rather rapidly.

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Isn’t that odd? It can send dozens of motion videos to “da cloud” every day and last for months, but it can’t take a couple of hundred snapshots without dying?

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so I did another 'lapse last night and I think I found the difference in my case at least. my first test was with the ODC set up to connect to the base. ( this was what killed the battery I think)

my second test for a lapse last night was comparable in length but was with the ODC in travel mode. this appeared to help the battery GREATLY.

we are both still just learning the system, so i’m going to blame that :wink:

what was your set up when you did yours?


To be honest, I don’t completely understand how to get travel mode to work. :upside_down_face: My WCO is always connected to my base, I’ve done 2 TL recordings. The first was 6 months ago. I don’t remember the exact set up. Maybe 6 or 8 hours in length, 5 second interval. I remember it was 18 meg in size and drained 30% of the battery. The last one was scheduled for 48 hours with a 10 minute interval. It drained the battery 80% in 40 hours.

Well, mine drains my patience as much as, or more than, my battery. Just got it Friday and have tried 4 time lapses. A short test, an overnight, another short test and another overnight… in that order. The short tests worked (15-45 minutes, with rate that keep the output under 30 seconds.) Neither of the overnights even show up in the album to review. (1st would have ended up being about a minute and a half, the second around 30 seconds.)
My base is a long way from the camera, so perhaps that is coming into play. Gonna give Travel Mode a shot.

Here is a helpful video review step by step by Hackster on YouTube. :+1:

LifeHackster Time Laspe in Travel Mode Video


I like his videos! He does a great job.


When I put my WCO in Travel Mode, the battery dropped from 75% to 20% overnight (~8h). That caught me by surprise because I’ve been experimenting with WCO in normal (factory mode) for a few days and have been really happy with the battery life until now. My desired use is time-lapse mode at a remote location away from internet to monitor a home construction at a remote lake location. Any ideas on what might be causing the battery drain in travel mode?

Just a guess (warning I am always wrong about WCO) but it seems that either way you enable travel mode it is going to leave the camera’s WiFi on at full power (so it can talk to your phone). That would certainly account for the battery drain.