Wyze Cam Outdoors - Playback Capability

Hi! I have a bunch of Wyze cams, all of them with micro sd card with playback capabilities… But I havent figure it out, how to add playback capabilities to the wyze out door cam… I have tried with the micro sd on the camera and with the micro sd on the base but neither options enables the playback option.

Any ideas? Is it even possible to do it? or because of the battery opperation it cannot record and playback…


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The outdoor camera does not allow for continuous recording to the SD card like the other cameras. The continuous recording is where the ‘view playback’ pulls from.

I haven’t tried it but in the scheduling section it appears to allow you to turn on continuous recording for hours and days at a time.

You can schedule recordings, but it’s not the same as continuous recording and thus won’t have a playback option.

Thank you all for your clarification!

I have 2 outdoor cams with SD card installed in base but, I can’t access any “playback” feature.
The base shows over 3gb data on card. How do I access it?

Remove the card and place it in a computer (or tablet, etc) to read and view the files. There is no playback function with the WCO.