Wyze Cam Outdoors don't recognize microSD 32gb chip in base station

My Wyze Outdoors don’t recognize the microSD (32gb) chip in the base station. I’ve tried everything-- formatted the chip at least 3 times, looked at other threads and followed their advice, made sure all the firmware is up to date, etc. and it just doesn’t seem to work. The Base Station shows that there is a microSD chip inside it, but none of the cameras pick it up when I try to back up videos to the Base Station.

Any advice, am I just doing something wrong early? I really dk what’s going on here.

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You have backup to the base turned off, turn it on and see what it does. :upside_down_face:
Did you put the card in with the contacts up.

If your useing cam + it will never store recording on the base

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I’m having this same issue. Could you help me understand why if I’m using cam plus it won’t also back up to the base station?

That’s correct it will not do the record to base/hub all I know is what I have read