Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Ideas

Yes V3 is a camera for outside but needs to be plugged in. If plugged in outside now the intruder just unplugs it! So now you have to run wiring outside.

I’m sure you don’t really mean it that way, but that post seems to say that just because the V3 is plugged-in outside, it can be stolen? The WCO can be stolen, too, or tampered with.

As for the choice between spending for external wiring vs going out every couple of days to switch WCO batteries, I’ll opt for wires. Or go without. That depends on each person’s priorities, of course.

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I would very much like the OPTION of using the Outdoor Cam without the base station; and an OPTION to use the same motion detection mechanism as the indoor cam. The PIR detection is of marginal value beyond 20’. Providing the options described would enable use as a 1-day “survey” cam.

You just described the V3 camera.

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The V3 camera requires a power connection. The outdoor cam does not. I am basically looking for a battery powered V3 cam, The outdoor cam is fully capable, if the specified options are available. I fully understand that the battery will be exhausted in about a day; that is tolerable for a “survey” cam.

There’s a reason you think the WCO has limited capabilities; it’s the power requirements. You can’t have both, unless you supply a big battery. The limited power forces the WCO to offload some of its processing tasks to the base.

Like I said; I recognize that the battery will be quickly depleted. But my sense is that the WCO battery will last somewhere between 4 and 24 hours. Perhaps more with a narrow detection zone. That works for use as a survey cam. I have powered a V3 with an Anker PowerCore; lasted almost 4 days.

Perhaps you didn’t get what I’m saying. You want to lose the base. The base does some of the WCO’s processing now. If the WCO has to take up the slack, its battery is no longer sufficient to do what you expect it to do.

OK, I am going to find a battery pack with performance comparable to the WCO battery. I will use it to power a V3 cam. That should provide some actual evidence,

Make sure to detail how you fit that battery pack, with the same capacity as the WCO’s, inside a V3.

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Result are in. I used a v3 cam with a 4000 ma “Pocket Juice” battery ($10 from Amazon). I tried both “continuous recording” and “events only”. There were lots of events, which might explain why both configurations provided about the same result: just under 11 hours before battery depletion.
The WCO battery is rated 2800 ma; so if it had the desired option, one could expect just under 8 hours of usage. More than useable as a survey cam. With another option to use the PIR event detection rather than frame-by-frame comparison, one might expect a week’s duration.

Why not make a solar powered Wyze outdoor cam…seems like this would be a good option to keep power going indefinitely. Other companies offer this, why not Wyze?

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Second the request. It is possible to use a solar panel with a Wyze outdoor cam.
I do this with a panel from Wasserstein. But an integrated unit would be superior.
See Enster for an attractive form factor.

please need the pir to be adjustable and moveable. Zone of detection doesn’t work as well as pir with motion. Please fix!!!

[Mod Note]: The PIR sensor is a fixed, integral part of the WCO cam. An adjustable and moveable PIR sensor requires a hardware change, thus your request has been merged to this relevant Wishlist topic.

Temperature sensor specifically in WYZE CAM Outdoor

Due to the actual description and environment this product is used in. More than any other camera a temperature sensor would be of great value to campers and those like me that use this camera to monitor conditions in my outside vegetable gardens and greenhouse. I see some older references but not any that specify this outdoor camera.

I would like to see wyze cam outdoor in color night vision.