Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Ideas

I could be wrong about the overcharge protection but I thought I read somewhere that wyze stated that prolonged charging (leaving it plugged in for days/weeks) is bad for the battery and would ultimately ruin/damage the battery?

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Just got my outdoor cam and it’s great so far! 1st suggestion; drill a hole through the magnetic base so people can choose to screw a tripod screw into the handy existing threads without getting a whole new base. Solves the complaint that hooligans can quicky grab it off the magnetic base yet retains ease of removability.

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From my EE battery charging circuit experience I know that # of charge cycles and capacity is reduced by normal high charging, which would be continuous if plugged in. BTW if you only charge your cellphone to 90% its life will double. (Confirmed by my experience)


Thanks, great news for us

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Welcome to the community! I love the idea of a solar panel for the camera!!

The only problem is that it doesn’t support continuous recording and it’s technically not weatherproof once you plug it in…

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I thought there was a thread for a tripod underneath the magnetic base?

Yeah that’s what he or she is saying - reach the internal existing socket by drilling through the base. I guess they want to keep the base on.

Ah I see sorry I misread that

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It would be nice for the wifi base for the outdoor Cams to be PoE capable. This makes it easier to place the base in tricky places

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They’re too stupid for that. Thing they are putting out is already outdated technology. Cameras work but their window and for sensors blow


William Hammer

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The Base Station should be PoE. Having to run a network cable and a power cable is just messy in a world that already has too many cables.

I install commercial grade cameras and access controll for a living. AXIS, Bosch, Samsung. I have encountered numerous issues along the way and have experience in finding the right solutions. Here are my thoughts to fix some issues with the WCO.

  1. Offer 360 omini directional mount. Something like ball and socket. Reason being when mounting to a wall, I can spin the camera 360 but I need it to angle down slightly…when installing cameras you want to remove from picture areas that are essentially useless like the sky wall or celing. The way you have this set up when mounted to a wall is to pull lever down which makes my picture angled now and spin 360. I need the 3 axis or ball and socket to angle down.
  2. Make the PIR adjustable. In some Instances I need a entire picture in view but with PIR being only 2/3 of the screen based on how you mount (top half or bottom half) it only captures motion in half the screen so it says to adjust manually so I do but takes out the critical parts of my image just to get motion coverage on other parts. So make PIR physically independent of camera in that I can physically nmove PIR up or down something like a rockwr button click top of PIR to move up to middle portion or once more to cover top portion and then back down…this is only if you can’t make the PIR around the entire lense to capture motion in entire picture.
    3.put magnet on all surfaces of the camera. This might help slightly with number 1 but still need 3 axis
    That’s it for now…will continue to play …also the motion sensor is finniky times it won’t alert no matter what I do and times it does…very inconsistent…trying to adjust to fix these issues

Who on earth has POE at home… This is silly.

Not that I think Poe would make it any better…not all that bad having to land directly on router. But for 15$ you too could have POE at your house https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DW99IPS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_cYZoFbTKDBCY2

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I do. PoE is pretty inexpensive now. I use it to power my access points and my work VoIP phone.

I would also like the WCO V2 to consider power via USB similar to the existing Wyze Cam V2(WCV2). USB cable is much easier to work with than ethernet cable and yes it works find outdoors. I’ve been using a 25+ feet USB cable outdoors with WCV2 for 1+ years with no problems!

I have to disagree on that one. I’d trust PoE on Ethernet cable a lot more because USB at 5V is very lossy. Glad you have had success but there is clear voltage dropoff at long distances.

I suppose for a few dimes more they could support both…

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Yes I agree… maybe they could support both :slight_smile:

All of us don’t need the longer cable lengths provided via POE, need/want to install the thicker Ethernet cables or have the additional hardware to support POE.

Also, it is my understanding that the since the camera is only using power from a USB power adapter, maybe the smart people at Wyze could create/sell a special power adapter that would provide the appropriate power for the WCO V2 using a USB cable. (Of course there would be length limitations.)

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