Wyze Cam Outdoor Settings help/detection issue

My car was broken into and my camera didnt catch anything…

I cant seem to get thus damn thing to get setup correctly to capture stuff.

This is the PIR

My car is the white suv on the right. It won’t even pick up vehicles near mine at the moment. If you can see the dumpsters above my vehicle it iddnt even aleert me to them when they brought them over.

Its set to 35 distance, 100 sensitivity.

No codown and 5 minute videos. And Motion detection is on with all AI options enabled.

Can someone help me setup this stupid thing to record all activity near the vehicles?

Any reason it is set to 35 for distance?


Nope no reason specifically, what recommendation would you have?

I’m just thinking if it isn’t detecting at that range, try increasing it. Go to 100 and see what happens. :slight_smile:


I lowered the camera down about 5 to 7 feet lower, and adjusted the PIR and set it to 100 on distance.

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If the face of the cam is looking straight ahead it won’t work well with motion coming straight at or away from the camera, it captures motion best when it is side to side. Move the face of the camera a little left or right depending on where you park. If you park in the current spot all the time I would move the face of the cam to the right as red line shows. The PIR zone is quite wide so move a few degrees left or right as per the red and green lines I show. Here is one of cams, red line is direction face of cam is pointing.


@spikedzombies - I agree with @Antonius on this. Try turning your camera so that it is not offset. Mine, which monitors my side yard is angled and picks up animals and people alike.

Raising the distance, as @Newshound recommended, helps as well. Mine is set to 100 for distance and 100 for sensitivity. I then blocked out the tree’s.

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Same cam as I posted above, This black car was at 55 feet, captured coming and going, this vid is going.


My other post shows how its positioned now, the only way to get into camera view os by coming from eother the left or right side kf the vehicles.

Im not worried about the far distance fene area.

Setting at 100 should help out. I hate to ask but your cam appears to be outside, is that correct? The WCO cams don’t detect anything through a glass window. Had to ask :rofl:


Lol yes its outside attached to the patio