Wyze Cam Outdoor on solar panel

Hello, I’m wondering if the Wyze cam outdoor can be connected to a solar panel like the Ring. This would allow me to have continuous capture without worrying about battery life.



I am looking to find out the same info. Presumably something like this might work, assuming the new camera charges off USB. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083DKQWPW/

From FAQ: Will there be a solar panel option?

We have not spent time researching this yet but we will explore the possibility after launch


I have one of those solar charges for a reolink camera so I will be trying it when I receive my wyze cam outdoor.

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I don’t understand why a small solar cell wasn’t built into the Outdoor cam. I understand that there are many variables such as sun exposure, but the inclusion of a solar cell (which are dirt cheap nowadays) would potentially extend the battery charge quite a bit. One of the huge drawbacks to Ring doorbells was having to frequently charge it.

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i would would like to know if this is available

You can attach a solar charger to anything that needs a charger.
The cameras are charged with USB power so 5V solar is all you need.
WYZE has said keeping the camera plugged in voids the warranty. This would be the same for a solar panel.

Which is why WYZE should have built in a solar panel into the housing of the camera.

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It wouldn’t be big enough to do much.

I want to use these to replace my old wired dvr cameras… i am so happy with the design of this new camera. I have 2 pan cams already. But yeah… ill def be plugging my solar panel into this. At this price ill risk having to buy a new one if it breaks.


If this cameras was what Wyze created, I would buy a dozen of them. But I guess I will see how well the Wyze one actually works, it should be here in the next couple days.


That is an awesome camera!:ok_hand: Wish Wyze would have done something like this for the V3! They thought of every thing with this solar cam!! Thanks for posting this. :+1: I would like to know if anyone has ordered one of these yet?