Wyze CAM Outdoor not recording video

I just installed a fresh outdoor cam yesterday. The issue seems to be the common one. It is not recording video nor is it backing up to the SD card in the base station (noting here details though I raised support ticket). Note motion tracking is ON.
I deleted and re-installed and got a brief event notification but clicking it shows live stream and not video.
Further, I tried to see if it captured some past motions in the cloud but there is no events tab or way to navigate the snippets that was stored for me.

I like the camera, quality and if properly resolved happy to be a beta tester for the app (I can note from nearly 2 decade of experience, some usability can be improved, but again this is not related to my topic above).

Any help will be much appreciated as I want to expand coverage but before investing need to ensure 100% end to end testing of mine passes :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay Safe!

Outdoor cam is only going to record based off motion detection.
This has been discussed in other threads on this forum.
If you do not have a Cam Plus subscription, you will only get 12 seconds of recording.
With Cam Plus subscription, you can get recording as long as there is motion.
Outdoor camera does not continuous record like Wyze Cam V2/V3 does with SD card.

Thank you Brian, Yes I appreciate it, and just want to even check the 12-sec video which is not coming (if I click on notification, it goes to live stream). I just watched DongSheng tips in detail and am going to do the famous “Dongsheng experiment” :grin: and will update. Note, I completely deleted and re-installed as well (on this note, DongSheng app seems slightly different as I think I may have an updated version).

At this point, I am thinking if its base station: because cam is also not uploading to the 32GB card in the base station (Wyze SD Card). I will get back with relevant observations shortly. Thanks once again.

I had to re-install completely and it seemed to have worked as I see the Events etc. tabs at the bottom of the app. The sync to base station is not occuring but I think I need to physically eject the SD card and check it (can someone confirm)?

Further, I am quite happy with support (Go Wyzards :slight_smile: ) and in fact ordered 2 more outdoor cam and a video door bell. Quality and cost are good compromises and 14D free cloud storage is excellent. Some suggestions

  1. Will help if SD card stored videos (base station or camera) be displayed in App
  2. Theft is a concern as it is easily detachable - a tight screw on may simply prevent it to some extent.

I am also beta so will provide suggestions as it comes to mind with usage.