Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

The cam gives notice of motion detected, but no event is recorded.
I will try installing an SD card into the cam and see if it works. I have an SD card in the base which I mistakenly thought would record from the cam.

Here’s a screen shot…sdc zero. Been in base since I got it. Tried all kinds of settings. Zippo on card. I was gonna pitch this cam but wife wouldn’t let me.
Never mind. Seems I don’t know how to send pic…but card is surely blanko.

Make sure you have no filters applied in the event tab then triple check the event tab for the clip. If you click the notification, where does it take you? You wouldn’t get a motion notification if there wasn’t a motion event somewhere.

Edit/ for clarification, when you say “notice of motion detected”, is that an app notification or the green boxes on coverage as you are watching it?

You got it!!
In the event tab, it was only looking at 2 cameras, not three.
Life is good again.