Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

I put it outside.
No notifications.
What do you suggest?

Are you able to see the status light from where it’s mounted? Run through the tests from the video and see how the status light responds in ya can.

thanks so much for your help!
I did do the tests from the video. I just did the status light test: no light at first, waved my hand in front and light flashed, kept waving my hand and the light went solid, stopped waving, light stayed solid for awhile (I watched for 1-2 minutes then got bored).
I did get the notification of movement detected and a video.
However, as I sat in the room this morning, I watched as a car or two went by and a person went by, and absolutely nothing was detected and no recordings happened. All of these actions should have been in range easily.
I did notice an improvement last night in that I started to get notifications and video recordings, so that’s good. I’m not sure why it’s not working this morning? It did get a couple cars going by on video but no notification happened, The actions mentioned above that got no video were definitely not during a cool down period.
I changed the recording cool down to 30 seconds last night after I completed all the tests and things looked good. Video max length is set to 1 minute.

Good to hear things are working. What is your motion sensitivity set at? If you are comfortable posting a picture of what the camera sees, we can hopefully give some tips on why or why not something in view of you camera is working or not.

My Wyze Outdoor Cam only record motion when the App is running on my Ipad or Iphone. They were working last week, had firmware updates and went offline over the weekend. They came back online Monday and now they will not record unless the App is open. I’m using the zone dectection.

Long time. I got RMA’s for the three outdoor cams I preorderd. Two sent to me which I used the RMA to send back. One was dead and the did all but what is was supposed to do, that is, record motion.
The tird one I just received from my son adam, from L.A. California. Due to the virus, he would not go to the post office and use the RMA. He left L.A. and went to Maine until February.
I got him to send the pack to me. I got it yesterday.
Like the other two, Icannot get it to record motion in wifi or travel mode.
I reset, delected, etc. All the early addice.
So, I still would like to have a working outdoor cam with the router attachment.
Can O still use the old RMA if I can find it to send it back.
I prefer to get one in place of this one that I cannot get to work.

PLease advise or forward to appropriate personel so I we can move quickly.
Two were sent to me,Richard (NYS) , and one to my son, Adam(L.A.,California).
As I said , all 3 were bought, preordered from Wyze.
Let me know if you need numvers, etc.

This is a user to user forum. Your question is for Support. I would contact them and ask how to proceed.

Pls watch this video see if it helps. Follow step by step.

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Now what? All 3 cameras hosed. Update to app? I see multiple notices of video, but I go to app there’s nothing???

Glad to see you on the forum. I know this is about the WCO, but have a general question on the notification aspect of V3, V2 and even WCO. Mine and others have experienced Push Notification issues as follows: There will be motion in my driveway, porch, etc. Alexa will announce it, the Events will have it shown and correctly tagged as a person, but no Push Notification on my Android Phone nor my iPhone.

I did submit many logs on this, but was wondering if you know of anything which is causing this. My speculation is that the AI Server is not always pushing out the notification. If I turn on all notifications, I receive a lot of motion alerts, but the AI Alerts are still sporadic.

Here are some of my previous logs, in case you can help out: 143657 and 143658.

Thanks - Hopefully you can provide some insight on this.

I was and repeat was having the same issue of not recording motion. I read and read all these posts and tried all the suggestions. I brought my camera inside and put it on my desk. The blue light responded normally, off then blink when I waved my hand in front of the camera and then off. Check the app and there was a video clip of my hand. Turned the camera down the hall, went in front of the camera and nothing. Finally read near the bottom of a post that said the actual maximum trigger distance is ~25’. The 100 on the setting scale is only a number for reference. Moved my camera location and I now get triggers of cars coming up my drive.

Ha ha, thanks for the instructional video! Just like your cameras, it won’t play back properly. Why am I no longer surprised to find this glitch?

Just recently got a base station and 4 WCO’s. Was hoping that all the issues reported when they were released were resolved by now but unfortunately I also am getting pretty poor detection on these cameras. Base station and all 4 cameras are fully updated. Detection sensitivity is at 100 and distance is at 100. Cool down set to 1 minute. I still hardly ever get event recording even when there is obvious motion in the frame. Often times I get a recording that starts very late towards the end of the event exiting the frame. I wish there was an option to switch the cameras to pixel motion detection. I know it would have a huge impact on the battery life but I feel like the PIR detection on these cameras just appears to be terrible. Hopefully maybe a V2 is in the works and we can get a discount on upgrades or a trade in program perhaps. Love all the other Wyze products I have but so far, WCO has been pretty disappointing.

I wanted to also add two other common issues I am seeing with my WCO.

  1. At night, WCO event recording will kick off but the night vision LED’s will shut off so I get one second of useful visible video and 11+ seconds of complete darkness. Seen this with several of my cameras more often than I would like.
  2. My WCO’s seem to go into almost a hibernate mode where almost nothing will wake them up or activate them unless I view a live stream from the app and then all of a sudden they are again detecting motion and recording events. PIR motion trigger recording is not helpful if it only works while I am looking at the camera feed. lol

Yeah, Chris, I was getting …well…not getting the same thing…no led illumination while recording.

RE; Item 1
I’ve had the same behavior from from one of my WCO cameras (the only one with the night vision LEDs activated). Two or thee times a week I get the mysterious nighttime “event trigger” that seems to consist of a one second LED flash followed by 11 seconds of darkness. No footsteps in the snow. Nothing moving. I used to think this was a a cold weather phenomenon, but I’m seeing it in more moderate weather conditions too.

I also have 3 WCOs and I was receiving motion events on my Pixel 4a from only 2 of the 3 cameras although I was receiving notifications from all 3 cameras. I also have an Amazon Fire tablet onto which I installed the Wyze app. On the Fire tablet I received motion events from all 3 cameras. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app on the Pixel 4a and I now see motion events on the Pixel 4a. Go figure.

My outdoor cam triggers on motion, but where do the videos go??? I get no events but setup looks fine

I’ve been trying to get some kind of answer to that for many months

Cloud Event videos should show up in the event tab off the homepage in the app. Or if you have a sd card in the base and the backup to card enabled, the short clips should be saved to the sd card and n the base. There is no playback option for the wco so you’ll have to pull the card from the base to see the clips.