Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

Thank you, we found the issue from the log. It may have something to do with your wifi environment that triggers the bug to happen. What happens is that when an event is being uploaded and the upload fails and then retries ( this is where it may be environment-related ), during this period before the retry succeeds, you trigger another event, and this event is brief, then it is filtered out by the motion detection. In this case, the 2nd event is filtered out, and the first event upload is disrupted by the 2nd event.
It needs a bit more logic to properly handle this, and we’ll work on adding a fix in next release cycle.


OK, thanks. After the next update, I will be back again if I can still break it.

Why is there an SD Card slot on the camera if all goes to the SD Card on the basestation?

It’s been my experience the camera doesn’t save anything anywhere. I get notifications on phone with vids, but that’s it.


I agree fully. Outdoor camera has great functionality but the saving of events is not working. Big disappointment so far.

Yup, checked the albums for each camera and not one video… Ever!

Thanks for joining the forums and welcome aboard. The SD card in the cam itself is for scheduled time lapse and travel mode recordings. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s well documented.


I’m having the same trouble.
Wyze sent me a replacement outdoor camera and I set it up yesterday. Nothing has changed from the first outdoor camera. No motion detection (although if I am watching it on my phone, the green rectangle shows up as cars and people go by), no video recording. I’ve got an SD card in it, and CamPlus on it.
I’ve reported it, and waiting for a solution again.

Have you watched this video from the main post ? 20200814_154142 (1)

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When you are actively live viewing the camera, the motion detection is disabled. Do check out the video @WyzeDongsheng linked above for a good run through.

I dont see any videos being stored as well. There’s another thread about the same

Where exactly did you place the SD card?

I have looked in the Doorbell’s album and there is nothing there at all which makes sense as it has no storage (SD card)

Thanks for your feedback, Omgitstony. I know that the camera won’t record if I am watching through the app. :slight_smile:
I mentioned watching through the app to demonstrate that the camera does recognize motion by showing the green rectangle, but I get no notifications nor event recordings when I am not watching through the app.

I also did the test through the video that WyzeDongSheng suggested: all the settings were perfect as in the video. I did get two notifications after doing the test twice, 3 minutes between each test. (I don’t usually get a notification, today is the first time I have ever gotten one on an outdoor cam).
Once I clicked on the notification, I was able to view the recording, but then it disappeared. Both recordings were gone, none were in the events tab.
In case this is helpful, the outdoor cam is indoors, about 10 feet away from the home base. The cam is 96% charged.

I’m not sure why you are talking about a doorbell? I thought this was a thread about the outdoor cam?
My outdoor cam has an sd card spot, the sd card is in, app says it is in.

You probably have a filter on the event tab. Pls clear all filters on event tab to see the videos.

Progress! How do you have the camera mounted indoors? What are you monitoring? Is it looking through a window perhaps?

Great, I cleared all filters.
Now there are only 5 videos, but at least we have videos. Should be a lot more motion detections.
Yes, Omgitstony, it’s looking through a window out to the street.

There is the issue. The PIR motion detection system doesn’t work through glass. That is why you sent getting events. When you are live viewing and seeing the green boxes, that is the pixel change detection system. That come after the pir system wakes up the camera.

If you have any other Wyze cam, the primary motion detection system is the pixel-based detection. They work through windows. The pir in the wco is the same as a motion sensing yard light. I bet the two events that you got while testing were not when the camera was looking through glass. The WCOs are outdoor rated, so they can be mounted outside. The pir detection range distance is about 25-30 feet.

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Could be but I sure thought I was replying to a doorbell post