Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

Did you update both camera and base station firmware?

Can you provide a log and a timestamps that the camera is triggered but not recording ?

FYI: The bug you and I found persists. I suspect we will need an update to the base or v3 cam to resolve that?

I stand corrected. After doing a force stop on the WYZE app (post firmware upgrade to the WCO cams) I can now view playback from microSD on my v3 and then immediately live stream from a WCO. I think a restart of my phone (post camera firmware upgrade) would have resulted in the same thing.

Thank you for the fix!

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All is updated and restarted.
12:45 and 12:47 is when we tested it
Log: 124772

Any update on info in the logs for my ongoing issue? Thanks.

I remember you updated base station f/w a few days ago. The new camera firmware is released today. Did you upgrade ? pls try it.

Getting better, but not 100% reliable yet. The good news is that the recordings it did capture have much less delay from trigger to record than in the past.

First test - got recordings for all 3 cameras.
Second test - recordings from only 2 cameras.
Third test - recordings for all 3.
Forth test - all 3.
Fifth test - only 2.

Time stamps: 9:35, 9:44, 9:53, 10:02, 10:09
Logs: 125130, 125131, 125134

Tested again this morning and only got 2 recordings from 3 cameras.

I submitted my information down below and updated firmware yesterday and it is still not recording.

thank you, we are still looking into your log. In the meantime, can you take one camera, go to setting, change the sensitivity to 99, and then change back to your normal setting, and try again ?

Looking at your log, your motion detection sensitivity is set to 20. When the PIR is triggered and waking up the camera, the motion detection will try to determine if there is real motion. A setting of 20 is quite insensitive, meaning the motion needs to be pretty big and last long to be considered a motion. Our guess is that the motion you triggered are filtered out because of the sensitivity setting of 20.

To test this out, please adjust the Motion Detection sensitivity to 99, and see if all the motions are triggered. If that works, you can gradually dial down motion detection sensitivity to a level that works in your situation.


Still need a reliable fix for my issues. Any news on looking through the latest logs I submitted?


Is all three of your camera in the same location when you test them? It might have something to do with network fluctuation when all 3 cameras are uploading, they are competing for bandwideth with each other.

Yes, all stacked together and I move the whole set at once. I will try separately and when it fails post logs again.

thank u

Missing events:

Log 129354, 5:41
Log 129363, 6:43
Log 129408, 7:51


How do I change the settings, this is the way the camera came

Go to camera live view, top right corner gear icon ( setting ), then there are detection settings.

Are the missing events all from the same camera, or adifferent camera ?

I have one of the first outdoor cams. I have been “playing” with it for several months. It’s never recorded a video…NEVER. I used to get notifications on my phone and videos but few days ago the base seems to have died. It and cam are worthless. I’ve put in numerous problem tickets but any responses have been of no help. Since I’ve not gotten any info that’s helpful, to quiet my rapidly beating heart, I am relegating the hardware to the round file. I did offer to return it if Wyze would send me 3 bucks for postage. Of course, no answer

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As you’ve decided to abandon they (rightfully so) it does give you the opportunity to perhaps open them up… If you do so, could you post a video on what was involved… That way those of us who like to tinker would at least know how to open them

1 camera gave 2 of the missed events and 1 from another camera. As I recall anyway. Getting harder to get fails, but I believe I can get all 3 to fail if I try hard enough.

Also, I had thought that both phones were now in sync for notifications/events. But last night, I had notifications on my phone but never got any recorded events. So I looked at my wife’s phone and all the expected recordings were there from 4 cameras. I never did get these recordings shown on my phone. So back to that mess as well.