Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

I purchased the cam outdoor because of features like the sunrise timelapse setting and scheduled recordings on an SD card in travel mode. I seem to be having similar problems as everyone else. I do have faith that a company like WYZE has an incredible R&D team, I just don’t know how such widespread issues were not caught in the testing phase. Little things like clearly stating rules one has to follow in order for the cam to work properly in travel mode. I have searched the app, user guides, getting started guides, asked support repeatedly focusing on a variety of issues (without one response) and now hours wasted reading through the forums - wasted so far that is. I am frustrated because I’m only trying to find a few basic hints for someone slightly more capable than those who just miss the answer in the tiny user guide but far behind comprehending programming jargon. Answers to questions like;
What file type are the recordings saved as? Do they need to be converted to MP4 or JPEG or something common? How might I view/transfer them? Why do I not have any options in the app like those boasting about this PIP deal? Is it compatible with google or not? How do I get on the “free automatic Cloud backup”? Why do I only have one time lapse recorded? Is there any indicator that a scheduled recording is actually recording, started or complete? How often does it have to connect with the base? Besides providing backup recording what does the base provide that the Cam Outdoor can’t operate correctly without or that can’t be provided through the existing router? Why is no one working on the usability of this website and support team? (ok that could be me).
I still think I’m going to hang on to my Cam outdoor and my belief that WYZE truly wants this product to succeed because that would mean the solutions are there or at least acknowledged. I know its a busy time for technical support everywhere but these AI troubleshooters are pretty worthless and I fear that by the time I get any helpful suggestions to render my camera useful I could have spent much less on it.

I have had two outdoor cameras for several months and I am also a beta user. All of the issues you are talking about have been there for some time and mostly unresolved. Lately I can’t even connect with either camera over the internet and the only time you can get the livestream from the outdoor cameras is through Wi-Fi at home. Very very poor design and usability compared to what they promise. The scheduled recordings are pretty much a joke because you can’t recover the video

Usually if you can connect through your local LAN but not through the internet, logic would reveal that your internet connection is not good enough to support the video feed. Especially if you have several bandwidth hungry devices eating all your bandwidth up. Try shutting off some of the devices that use your internet.

I am pretty sure that one cell phone and two wireless cameras is not overloading my routers internet connections


Go here and do a diagnostic report and post the results…

Excellently said. It is very problematic when the company doesn’t communicate with those who have problems and or questions. I know that Gwendolyn tries her best to act as a buffer between users and the company but she’s only one person and has other responsibilities to attend to also. I have retired my WCO because it doesn’t live up to the hype nor to the expectations I had after waiting 2 years while it’s development reached fruition. What they need is a 100% dedicated group to address customers issues…

The thing that keeps coming to my thoughts is this …
A $20 product will only give you a $20 service…

I just want to jump in here to say that I also monitor this thread as well as our mods. Our typical support channel is wyze wizard via email, phone or chat. Feel free to contact support for issues. We also have a return/warranty policy to help with users who are not satisfied.

The thread is meant for “WCO not recording motions”. If you have such issues, pls feel free to post and I’ll try my best to reply and help. ( you can contact support as well for such issue ).

Since this is a troubleshooting thread for a specific issue, I’d encourage us to stay on this specific issue, so that it can be helpful for others who is looking for a solution for this issue.


Well, have we denigrated to the point that money paid determines support?? What about the advertised capabilities of said $20 product?? We’ve had 4 years of broken promises and I would like to think that Wyze is above that level of incompetence.

@ WyzeDongsheng then my issue will fit for this thread, as my experience with the WCO has not met my expectations on recording motion, I do not have “cam plus” and have not turned on people detection, but I can have a car drive with in 30 ft of the camera sitting about a car drivers eye level well within the green shaded area to record motion but it does not see it at all. but I can have someone walk across at about that same distance and is picked up and marked as motion for the entire 12 seconds. since I live in a rural area I am not worried about just people, I want to see all the motion, from cars and trucks driving up to the deer at night coming around to see if I left any sweets laying around for them.
I thought that adding a SD card would give me longer event time recordings to the local card as they do in the version 1 and 2 of the indoor camera, but I can not find anyway WCO uses it for regular recording.
the app allows you to send in videos for helping with motion detection, but has no way to allow the end user to comment on why we feel it may be important for you to see it. and no way for a email response to come back. over all the hardware is great, crisp picture, since I do not use the IR function the battery life is about 90 days between charges. my .02 cents, your mileage may vary.

thanks for sharing. Our detection range is up to 25 ft. So 30 ft is quite pushing it… I am not sure if you can reliably get consistent results from 30ft away.

HI, your story is helpful!
Wyze is offering to replace the defective outdoor cam (finally - after forgetting to get back to me on the issue for 3 weeks I sent another message asking for an update) and I’m thinking of just returning it to Home Depot as defective.
Outdoor cam has Cam plus and sd card and I get absolutely no motion detection, no recording. Not once has cam plus actually worked yet.
And this part may be because I’m a newbie, but I have recorded events myself, but I have no idea where the recordings go! It flashed on my phone for a nanosecond once and I didn’t see it quick enough to know where those recordings actually were being put. Anybody know?

V2 cam works well. So I am pretty happy with it (maybe a bit too well, it’s telling me when bugs fly by! so I need to lower the detection settings :slight_smile: