Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE



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A possible problem is that Wyze is using an Indoor rated Wifi chipset or FPGA for an outdoor product. Make sure that your batteries have a full charge.
@brucelars what was the outdoor temp?

I am not sure where you got the info that the WIFI chipset is indoor rated. The product is tested and rated for Operating: -4℉ - 120℉

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Are you live streaming to the app or tinycam or anything? Some of these statements you made, make it seem so. Can you explain how you know the camera “disconnected twice”? How many days does your cameras battery last?

Edit:. Further, when the camera is connected to the app or anything, motion detection is disabled.

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unfortunately you are fighting to correct some misconceptions that people have acquired thru assumptions of knowledge that they don’t possess, I applaud you for your efforts to assist.

Keep up the good work, there are those of us who really appreciate your assistance

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-4 F will not cover a good portion of the US during the winter.
Commercial grade WiFi goes down to -40C +110C.

Arlo, eufy and blink battery cams are also rated to -4 F.

Not sure it’s the right place but it’s definitely related to recording.

I have an outdoor cam loaded with an SD card formatted and firmware up to date. When I go into schedule recordings, and click the start time or day the calendar and clock are not coming up to schedule a time to record?

Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?


I kindly disagree. I’m in Minnesota USA and we’ve had temps in the low teens in my area. Both of my WCOs stay connected. I get events from my driveway camera every morning when my neighbor goes to work around 5:30am.

I have the opposite problem. I’m getting motion alerts on my Wyze Cam v2 with almost every raindrop. (yes, I have person detection turned on). I recall that when I set up the cam there was a scale to set (the recommendation was something like "at least 49). I imagine this helps set sensitivity but it wasn’t clear what numbers made it more sensitive and which made it less. Also, I haven’t been able to find those settings since getting the Cam up and running.
How can I decrease the sensitivity of motion detection? I want to pick up racoons and squirrels on my porch, but not raindrops. TIA

Thanks! There it is! I thought I looked everywhere.
What happens if you make the motion detection very, very low? The example shows a level of 10. What would that produce?

Sir, I have a pancam & 2 v2 cams and am able to view recorded events via playback button on the app. I’ve just got an outdoor cam kit with 2 extra cams and was shocked to find that I can’t view any event recordings?
From what I’ve gathered from the forums (is there any real, concise documentantion) there is no playback feature for outdoor cams?
In this thread, you mention viewing recorded events “in the event tab”. Please advise as to where this event tab is to be found. Is it on each cam’s page in the app or is is supposed to be on the base station’s page in the app.

I’m getting event trigger notifications but am not able to find any recorded events.

update: FINALLY found the events. Events button at the bottom of the main app screen.
It would be very nice if you all would create a COMPREHENCIVE manual for at least the outdoor cam. The quickset up guide and others I’ve found do not clearly explain things.

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Wyze Cam Outdoor manual

All manuals



The outdoor camera is terrible. The camera does not detect motion but detects heat. It cannot detect heat at a distance across my yard. The lens also fogs up all night and through the morning even if you mount it under a shielded area. The only use I can find for this outdoor camera is by the main entrance of the house and ensure the camera is not in the elements. This is not a good outdoor camera. Most videos captured at nigh are blurry because of the condensation on the lens. Also, when it it raining, raindrops on the lens make it unusable and the camera lens has to be cleaned once it dries. I have been testing the camera for a few months and I wish I could send it back for a refund. 30 days is not long enough to test the cameras.

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Granted, the camera was released with issues, it has the hardware to be a great camera but I fear that will never happen.

I agree with all your points 100%. I’m experiencing same issues and wish I could return it.