Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

PIR does not, I repeat NOT work well when someone approaches it dead on… It is most effective when placed where the person walks across it’s field of view (a ‘side shot’ if you will)


First, I have 1 Outdoor Cam that I installed in August 2020. It records PERSON detection until this morning.

Today, Oct 15, I received another two Wyze Cam Outdoor. Installed them. Updated the firmware. Later, was told by support to update the Wyze app as well.

The two new WCO do not report any Person detection. I was told by support that PIR is not supported on WCO. Here is what he said:

“(07:01:10 PM) Neil: Weird, as far as I know person detection doesnt work yet with the outdoor cam even on previous updates”

Have they really removed PIR detection on WCO?
Can someone tell me if your WCO is recording and reporting Person detection?

Since I reported that my old WCO is reporting Person motion, so sorry to find out that it is also not reporting Person detection.

It has been my experience that the WOC doesn’t pick up detection for about 4-5 seconds. It looks like it takes the PIR that long to pick up the heat. If you noticed in this video the 12 seconds did not start until after the delivery person was getting read to walk back to the vehicle therefore not showing the video leading up to the delivery. For whatever reason the PIR in these cameras is not very sensitive.

Here is my Wyze Cam Outdoor with PERSON alert.
Is it true that all others are getting MOTION alert instead of PERSON alert?

Here is my PERSON alert from my WCO.

Person alert from WCO

I bet the WCO picked up the motion, but it took a moment for the camera to wake up, apply the second motion filter (your sensitivity slider setting), and if the event passed that, begin recording.

Try this: Have your WCO on a table or something infront of you facing away from you so that you can see the status light on the back. Now, with event recording on, and be outside of your cool down period, place your hand in view of the WCO and wave your hand back and forth 10 times. Did the blue light start flashing then go solid when you started waving your hand in the camera view? Now watch the event when it shows up, how many times did the recording show you wave your hand? 8? 3? You know you waves your hand 10 times, how long did it take you to wave your hand the amount of times that wasn’t on video? You can set your sensitivity to 100 to pretty much forgo the sensitivity setting and let everything that was detected by the pir to make it to an event. Just like the delivery person, the camera didn’t detect them at your door, (well it might have I guess) the camera woke up as it detected them walking in view, but didn’t start recording untill they started walking away. Some science homework for ya. :slight_smile:

Edit/ my camera caught 9 waves, missed one full wave which lasted about a second. So my cameras wakeup to start record is about one second with my testing scenerio.

I would pivot the camera to the right a little bit, so that the gate is more in the center of the view ( assuming that is what you are intending to monitor ). PIR is a little like ( oversimplified version ) your eye, where the peripheral vision is not as strong as the center.
I would also tilt it down just a bit. what could happen is that it could trigger by car movement, and result the camera entering into “cool down” period.


This is how it works in terms of sequence -

  1. PIR triggers and instantly wake up the camera to record -
  2. While camera recording, motion filter kicks in. If pass motion filter, continue to record. If fail motion filter, discard recording and go to sleep.

PIR works just fine, it’s the verification process, transfer to Wyze servers and back to you as a verified PIR detection that takes so much time

Whelp, that does ‘muddy the waters’ a little bit.

Thanks I will try this, especially the tilting down part as I have had cars triggering my camera.
The problem here is if I move the camera to get gate to the center it will capture my nieghbor’s patio. I dont want to capture their gate as I dont want to be notified for their movements and also I dont want to intrude on their privacy. I cannot also mount it sideways such that the traffic is moving across the field and not towards as I will have to drill a hole on my neighbor’s wall (townhouse situation) and the HOA wont be happy.
Wyze team probably did not account to edge cases like this (no pun intended) where heavy traffic is on the edge rather than the center. Hope you find a solution in v2.
Meanwhile I have found a simpler solution for my situation. I have an extra motion sensor tied to my Cam v2. I will tag the sensor video to capture from WCO.

  1. I have to weatherize this using silicone, also it is probably not build to be used outdoors.
  2. I have seen issues where the “sensor video” gets deleted if the motion video is triggered. I may need to turn off motion detection in this case.
    Please consider a feature request. Allow WCO base sation to connect to sensor bridges. Provide PIR motion detectors built for outdoors (should be easy engineering to reuse indoor motion sensor and weatherize and change sensitivity) so that we can position a few of these cheaper devices in hallways or patios so that the motion detection from these trigger the camera and we can capture a face coming towards the camera (which is genrally placed near a door or an entryway).
    Fiddling around with positioning it sideways etc makes it harder to capture person’s face.

Can you place the camera higher up? It looks like anyone approching is mostly obscured by the hedge and gate. Higher placement with a detection zone placed slightly further out may trigger recordings faster (but may also catch more unwanted foot traffic).

One more gratuitous advice from a user perspective. I really don’t care for the travel mode, i know it is quirky, fun and all that, but if this is going to be my primary outdoor camera I would rather it do all the security camera features 100% than have additional features like travel mode.
All I care in the camera are 3 things

  1. Motion is detected and recorded accurately
  2. Notification for motion (and hopefully. video) is delivered quickly. 40seconds-ish is a little long
  3. Battery life is decent
    Please consider one more change to current WCO, it looks like the notification we get is when the full 12sec clip is uploaded. The Motion sensor notification on the other hand is instant. Can you send a notification as soon as PIR on WCO detects motion?

Thanks, it is at 9’ suggested by Wyze. Also if I go any higher it will get triggered by people walking on the sidewalk. I have tried that as well and the higher I go, less resolution I get

Tony, we know the problem is NOT the camera don’t we?

All these issues can be traced back to either firmware changes or Software changes… If what we want is accomplished by other vendors then the ‘offal’ is on Wyze

Can’t return without permission though. No answers to my requests yet.