Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

Thanks for taking care of this…I appreciate it


sorry for it taking so long

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Hello again, I received an email from USPS about 30 minutes ago saying that the camera was delivered to your front door.

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I’ll ask here since we talking about the wco. Did we receive I backed Wyze Cam Outdoor stickers?

Yes, it’s buried in the WCO box somewhere…

I was able to receive an RMA for my outdoor camera starter pack within a week. I have requested a replacement since I really like the portability of the camera and am hoping the issues I had were with the particular camera.

The issues I had was that I could not stream from a remote location to my phone or to an android emulator running the Wyze app on a desktop. I could stream to a remote location to an Amazon Echo 5 and an Amazon Fire TV stick. Weird. The other issue dealt with event detection. I was able to detect rodents within a foot or so of the unit but later could not detect much such as my hand moving in front of the camera. I thought once it actually detected someone from across the street which was about 50’ away but it may have just been a coincidence. I also had very poor WiFi signal strength (1 bar from 5’ away) and poor range generally (30’).

What I would like to see is a more V2 like mode even if the battery lasts only a few days. That way we can actually get the 5 second lead in time to the events or we can bypass the PIR and do event detection the V2 way (pixel comparison). Not sure how long the battery would last under this scenario but a few days or even 24 hours would be OK for me.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure bragging about the WCO is prudent yet

I also backed WYZE OUTDOOR camera. Did WYZE back us up with a poorly tested product or toy. Why do we need the sticker? Couldn’t WYZE look up on our order?

Totally agree that this was a poorly tested product

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