Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE

Thank you for the feedback. In general, the WCO is much better at NOT picking up tree waves etc. than V2. But it is not 100% immune. In the situation you described, where the sun is strong, it reflect off the moving tree branches, it can still cause false alerts. I see you already dial the sensitivity down to avoid the tree movement. Are you able to adjust the camera angel ? pointing it slightly down may help.

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  1. Yes. They are correct. 2. No, I’m not live streaming. 3. blinks, blue. Does not turn solid. 4. No videos are uploaded.

Instability seems to be the current trademark of wyze products… I dearly hope they sort this out… I have had the same things happen to my cameras, motion and contact sensors… No intervention on my part… Black magic or the company has way too much access to our bought and paid for equipment

If the blink blue does not turn into solid, then it was wake up by the PIR and has recorded the video, but not able to connect to the base station to upload it.

How far is your camera to your base station, and if you live stream, will the stream be kept steady ?


Not far. Maybe 20-30 ft. At the most 50. Live stream works GREAT to the point it tags motion all day but when doing so doesnt trigger any recording therefore doesnt send any notifications

So your live streaming works well, but when you trigger the motion on the camera, the LED lights up ( means the camera wakes up to record ), but the LED never turns into solid blue ?

If you go to App-> Event Tab, ( pull down to refresh and pay attention to filters ), you don’t see the recorded video ?


New firmware came out for both the base and the WCO itself today. I’m curious if this firmware fixed problems for anyone? My WCO setup has been solid since the last round of maintenance. Actually it was stable before that, then the maintenance hit and all hell broke loose for 12 hours. In any case, I hope the updated firmware is helping people!

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This Video no longer seems to work

Hello: When you say “this video”, which video are you referencing?

At this point I use a sensor that sees motion and then have an automation that turns my outdoor camera on to record video. The camera itself still does not record video of motion on its own. All firmware is updated. The base is communicating to various network locations just fine.

That is correct. I cannot get the blue light to come on w I th all the testing I did based off your suggestions.

I would suggest you to contact support for a replacement. If there is no other obvious things missed, this is not expected and could be a hardware defect.

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I have submitted an email for a replacement just now. Thank you for your timw.

Fwiw … I was experiencing the exact problem as you describe (no motion events or notifications, regardless of settings) using the cam I received with the Outdoor starter kit. I received a replacement cam a few days ago and it works flawlessly. @WyzeDongsheng

do you happen to have the RMA number ? I have personal checked handful of returns for “no motion” but could not reproduce the issue with the returned unit. If you remember your RMA number, I can check if your return was sent to me, or sent to return warehouse.

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@WyzeDongsheng Hello there, the shipping label that Vanessa (Wyze support) provided had a return address of WYZE LABS and the RMA # was 744391. Note that I didn’t mail it back until yesterday (9/10) because I wanted to see if the replacement included a USB cable (it didn’t, so I kept the original cable). Anyway, you should receive the camera by 8 p.m. Monday (9/14) according to USPS tracking info. If you need the tracking number, the MAC address of the original camera or any other info, just let me know. As I mentioned, the replacement is working great. :wink:

Thank you, it is indeed coming back to me ( note - I edited your post to remove the address ). I’ll check on it when it arrives.


Contacting support for replacement gets you NO where…I’ve tried many times and still do not have a working product that I paid for…I’ve tried everything

Danny Moeller
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Same old story sir, may I suggest that you gather your information, support tickets etc and send those along with any other information to @wyzegwendolyn she seems to succeed where others fail

when did you contact support ? our support was a bit behind weeks ago, but now is all caught up. If you still not getting the help needed, pls post your ticket number, we will check.

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