Wyze Cam Outdoor not recording events

Hi, so my new wyze outdoor cam seems to mostly catch events, except a few times it hasn’t. i have it near a ring doorbell, so they mostly catch the same stuff, but the wyze seems to miss stuff. today, at about 11:32 am it completely missed 2 people walking by, slowly, which it should have had no trouble capturing. there had been no events for over an hour earlier, so it shouldn’t have been on cooldown.

the only thing i can think of is that i was using the live view about a minute earlier, and i have the cooldown set to one minute. does using live view incur cooldown? if so, maybe it missed them because i had been just using the live view? motion capturing should not consider live views in cooldowns if it is. cooldowns should be for previous motions only, not live views.

I had to “play” with the detection settings in the app to get my camera to detect motion.

I noticed the notifications are really slow on this new outdoor cam. It takes almost a minute to receive a notification on my phone after I walk in front of it. I certainly hope this improves with a FW update. I usually receive a notification from my other Wyze cams within 15 secs.

can i ask what you changed? was it detection distance to close? or ‘image sensitivity’ to high? (or low?) i have been trying to figure out how to set these to get the farthest, fastest image i can get.

i think in my case though, the reason why i opened the ticket, is that it occasionally, just seems to completely miss events. not often. but occasionally it completely blows one.

If it’s consistency you want, look elsewhere

I had to make the sensitivity higher. And move the camera so what I wanted it to detect was in the Blue zone/area. The camera is good but the firmware needs improvements!

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I can’t help but wonder how Wyze came up with the requirement for the detection zone… Shouldn’t we be able to encompass the entire view area ?


You would either need more/different PIR sensors or they would have to go back to pixel based motion detection which is what causes the false positives.

sounds like it should have been engineered to contain the entire screen