Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware 4.X.4.140 Released - 6/29/2022

Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 and v2 have firmware update 4.X.4.140 going out today! These fix a night vision issue but ALSO add support for half hour offset time zones! Check the Canadian Wyze store later this week for our new stock. :wink: :canada:

Read our Release Notes:

Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Public

  • Halted because the support for offset time zones caused microSD card recording failure

Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 Public

  • Halted because the support for offset time zones caused microSD card recording failure

So what does the night vision fix pertain to, the Version 2 WCO? I’ve never had any night vision issues with my 4 Version 1 WCO. Makes no difference I’m still going to wait 4 or 5 days and see if any issues arrive (as usual with firmware upgrades) :upside_down_face: :grin: :grin: :grin:

I know at least one other person who’s also encountered this using WCO v2 w/solar panel:

Hoping that perhaps flashing the cam might fix something that’s stuck. Hard power cycle yesterday didn’t seem to have any effect.

EDIT-1: Specifics…

Log Bundle - 628117
Support Ticket - 2179035

All 4 of my v1 outdoor cameras have become unstable due to network issues since updating to firmware v4.17.4.140. All worked fine on firmware v4.17.4.124, no other changes were made.

I updated all 4 cameras yesterday morning to.140 and haven’t had any issues with connection, detection or notifications. All the signal bars are the same, 3 bars on the closest cams and two bars on the distant cams. My base is connected via ethernet. What is “Unstable”? Connection?

I am using my outdoor cameras at the limits of the base stations wifi range. I was getting 2 bars on front 2 outdoor cameras and just 1 bar on 2 back outdoor cameras. Now I get maximum of 1 bar on all cameras or zero bars via base station in android app. I get the “unstable network” message when i am in the cameras setting page and try to make changes. This does not happen every time but about 25% of the time.

The cameras wifi does seem to be limited compared to previous firmware. I have seen firmware issues regarding the base station in the past, i had to run ethernet to the base station as it kept dropping wifi connection even with a ubiquiti AClite AP 20 feet away. Once i hardwired the base station i have not had any connectivity issues with outdoor cameras.

I am hoping to be able to roll back firmware on at least one of the back cameras to verify that the firmware is the issue.

Update: my Oudoor v1 barn cameras are working correctly now, seem a bit slower to connect and have to attempt connecting more tgan previous firmware. But all seems to be working in an acceptable manner.