Wyze Cam Outdoor Continuous Recording

As many people have been disappointed by the outdoor cam delivered not living up to what was expected from a camera. I believe not giving the customer the option to have continuous recording available on the camera was one of the biggest let downs. Yes of course it will reduce the life span of the battery between charging sessions but I strongly believe that the customer should at least have the CHOICE to opt in for continuous recording at the cost of a shorter battery life. The fact the the capability is clearly there yet not offered is a huge oversight. Add the ability to have the outdoor cam function the same as the other cameras and don’t take away features that we already are accustomed to and expect from your products. With this feature being solely software based I see no reason why it could not be swiftly implemented. Unless there is some temperture shortcoming that affects the task of continuous recording, Which I would not believe because there is an option to do a “scheduled recording” for up to 30 days non-stop.

I agree :100:, us the customer know what we need and are smart enough to know that battery life will be severely impacted. I just don’t get why we don’t have the option, the app can even have a disclaimer pop up when you want to enable continuous recording. I also think that the reason the option isn’t there is to prevent the user from installing the camera outside and keep it plugged in all the time thus bypassing the rubber plug that keeps the elements out of the cam. I still believe the desision should be left to the user. After all the “customer is always right”.

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Mine is continuously recording. It discharged the batter in 2 and half days. Not really what you want for a battery powered device.

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I’d want this feature to be able to use as a cheap go pro, but it need to work offline also.

I really wish that the outdoor cam was able to be plugged in and have continuous. It’s lacking in a few different ways. You can vote for a second version with more features here Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Ideas

WYZE is soooo behind the times with this new outdoor camera WHO designed it elementary school kids? And the shame of it all is that although nice picture it dies in hours. WTF!!!

That’s just the nature of current battery technology. Not Wyze’s fault Li-Ion battery tech hasn’t made significant improvements in 20+ years. Little premature to start calling people out like that. However I do agree with the OP, Wyze should allow for 24/7 recording as I am trying to hookup a Solar Panel to my camera.

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Not sure this would work fully submerged in moving water.

I bet someone can make a silicone passthrough that will fit the micro usb plug so that it will be somewhat weather tight while plugged in. Looking for continuous recording as well.

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I was disappointed (by a number of issues with WOC) but specifically I moved the SD card from my base station to the cam hoping to make it remotely useful. and still not event recording. A major part of the draw of the Wyze cams was the inclusion of the SD card for event recording. They could at least make full length event recording available if continuous would be too taxing on battery life. That said that feature itself has been problematic even on the cam v2’s which work fine in continuous, but occasionally flake out if you have event recording.

WCO doesn’t even give an option. Is the SD card really just to support scheduled or time-lapsed videos?!? Seriously I’d just setup a gopro or something. That is not what customers were expecting.

What’s worse as they continue to push for subscriptions they are likely to be less inclined to develop or support SD card features. I was very happy with them, but think that ship may have sailed.

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I concur, WYZE is way behind in their technology. I can’t get their window sensors and motion sensors working for more than a couple hours. They don’t even have a tech. Support no. I’ve spent a lot of money on these products that don’t work cameras not recognize the ss cards. TOTAL JUNK.