Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras - constantly offline

Im with you Phil. I have a lot of Wyze products that work well, but the outdoor cameras are junk.

Though with the outdoor cams that aren’t working it would be worth a few hours or so just to try one or two firmware updates manually via the sd card if you haven’t. My v3 cam was acting really bad after the last firmware update so I did a slightly older rtsp one and its back to working great (also did a router reboot in there too).

I am on for the base and 4.171.290 for the camera - you think that’s an issue?


I have tried flashing the base station with various firmware versions, including old ones that had worked in the past. It did not help.

Same here.

Same here

It’s funny how this is a well documented, known, and experienced ‘Offline’ issue with many Outdoor WyzeCam owners and users (myself included - who is experiencing yet another bout of Offline Outdoor Wyzecam frustration and disappointment - I’ll never buy these damn cameras again!). Why not FIX THIS ISSUE WYZECAM instead of pissing off your supporters?! This is BS.

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Welcome to Wyze…Gear for the Beta Tester.

I have two that are dead bricks. It is always the firmware upgrade that kills them.

Mine bricked when I tried to change to a different SSID on a different AP. I guess they can be set up once, then if you change anything they fail permanently.

You can set them up more than once but you have to delete it from your account before you try to set it up on a different SSID. That information is here.

Now that I have my base station on an ethernet connection to my router, things are much better (was hopeless when on wifi). Not ideal but at least the range from the base to the camera is pretty good, to compensate for the restriction in where I can have the base. That said, shawnmerrill, yes I agree it’s odd that they wouldn’t either acknowledge, or fix, or be more flexible with refunds than I have experienced. Still a Wyze fan overall, but a slightly grumpy one after this.

Ironically it is offline again and I can’t get it back since I am traveling (which is when I want the camera to work).