Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras - constantly offline

I am having a similar issue with one of my two Outdoor Cams. It works for a couple of days then goes offline. App says it’s disconnected. I only discover as I notice it’s not picking up my dog when she is going outside or if I want to check on my cameras. I go and turn it off then back on and it usually has a dead battery. I plug it into the provided power source, it charges for a bit then it reconnects. I let it charge to 100% then unplug. Works for a day or two then disconnects.

I have created several tickets, follow all of the instructions and it still has issues. I really think mine just has a bad antenna. One of the tests I did to report back to Wyze support was I placed it directly under the base station (About 3 feet) and I was only getting 2 bars. The location I originally mounted is behind one wall and 15 or so feet from the base station.

The other Outdoor Cam works as intended. Holds a charge, stays online, I receive notifications etc.

At a loss at this point. I really just want to get the unit RMA’d. The support process is really not ideal.

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I agree. I have become very frustrated with Wyze. I have been a user of Wyze cameras and equipment for a couple years now. I realize they were a new startup. I held my criticism for years. But goodness gracious. I finally realize It isn’t worth it anymore. I have friends who have other systems. I have a couple other security type cameras and equipment myself. I have become very appreciative of the other companies equipment. It just works. I installed their equipment and BAM, it just works. Not Wyze. Wyze cameras and equipment are constantly requiring tweeking. Rebooting. On and on and on. My Samsung equipment just works. Every day it just keeps working. Arlo works and just keeps on working. I have over 15 of the Wyze items. Constantly having to tweek, move, reboot, replace the Wyze product. I feel especially bad because I recommended the Wyze equipment to dozens of people starting years ago. I have purchased Wyze equipment as gifts. I worked on the Beta program for months, reviewing and submitting video clips for hours each day. I give up now. Wyze should have stayed with cameras until they got it right. My latest frustration is the Outdoor camera. Wow. What a nightmare that is. I really expected more. Much more. For months I tried to make it work. I loved Wyze. I loved their philosophy from day 1. I sent the company video to everyone. Wyze was the people’s friend. But I am sorry to say I have to move on. My OUTDOOR camera will become my paperweight so as to remind me of my old friend Wyze when we were young and idealistic. Thank you Wyze for a few good years and dreams.

I have a serious problem because everytime I turn off (unplug) the base station and later I turn on (plug) it, each outdoor camera is offline. So I have to use a staircase in order to pick up each camera and to turn off /on it.
In this way the base station recognizes the cameras and I can use them by the wyze app,
but it’s very uncomfortable and I don’t want to use the camera in this way.
So, I would like to know if there is a way by which the outdoor cameras can be recognized when I turn on the base station without turning off/on each camera.

I’ve just gotten 2 Wyze Cam Outdoor, to replace a V1 and V2 that have been outside (in some housings I bought) for 2 years. I know the are supposed to go to sleep (i.e., no live video in the app until you press play) to save battery. This morning, they were both offline and had to be rebooted, and then the batteries were at 60%, after less than 24 hours in use (fully charged before I mounted them).

I still have a V1 outside and it has worked great, from -12° in winter to 100+° in summer. I guess I’ll give these another couple of days but first impression isn’t that good.

I am having the same problems.

Since my last post, I fully recharged both cameras (for 3+ hours each) and there’s also been a base station update (which now shows battery usage stats). I also set motion capture zones and added microSD cards. Since then, they have been working as advertised, only losing 1% battery every 2-3 days and remaining connected.

Yes there was a new app, new firmware for the WCO and Base all released on 14 June. My battery use is a little more than yours but not much. I am doing scheduled event recording to the SD in all 4 WCO which uses a little more battery power.