Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras - constantly offline

Hello, I have a total of 8 Wyze Cam cameras throughout the house. I have noticed that while the other cameras work perfectly, my Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras (even the one’s indoors) are constantly offline. Has this happened to other folks too? Is there a way around it? I have powered the cameras off and on but that does not solve the issue with these cameras. Thanks

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I have never had on go off line unless I turned it off while charging it. Does the battery have a good charge and signal to the base?

The camera I have outside is hardwired. The cameras are fairly new so I don’t think it’s a batter issue.

You have the outdoors cams wired, not a good idea!!! :open_mouth:

wired = electrical. Since the plug point is close, I decided to plug in the camera so I don’t have to worry about getting on a ladder to bring the camera in for charging.

I don’t think that should make a difference.

Good way to ruin the cam. They are not supposed to be hard wired. If you want an outdoor cam that is wired order a V3.

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Same problem here. All of my other cameras work perfectly fine. But the outdoor cam was disconnecting so frequently that I finally just took it down and stopped using it. The base station was only around 15 feet away and it would still just disconnect, even though it showed full signal strength. Turned into more headaches than it was worth. Thankfully I only had one of them.