Wyze Cam Outdoor - Battery life - Troubleshoot with WYZE

Connected to the base I’m getting about 7-10 days before I need to recharge. In travel mode I get less than 12 hours. To test the battery I fully charged it, aimed the camera at a blank wall and turned off IR. In about 8 hours it went from 97% to 30%. I turned the power switch off and in the morning when I turned it back on it had dropped another 8% to 22%.

Really is an issue.
1 degree here, Camera is sitting on the top of a 15 foot post.
Ladders at 15 feet are no fun!

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Wow 1 degree above zero F; how did you get to be so lucky? Yesterday here in Saint Paul, MN our high was -3F. I’m hoping for an even 0F today for the afternoon high. :slight_smile: I think this deep freeze is supposed to last for another week. I’m hopeful that yesterday was the worst of it.

15’ up on a ladder is bad enough in nice weather, then add in this crazy cold and it’s straight up dangerous. Be careful and hopefully you have a helper to ensure the ladder doesn’t slip on ice!

Hi all, apologies for all the issues and inconvenience we caused. Over the weekend, we have been working on a firmware fix to resolve the battery drain issue and will release it to beta testing today. The version number is Internally we will go through a correction of error process to prevent things like this from happening again.


It’s a known issue. Revert the firmware as explained in the threads and it will be fine. Then upgrade again when the patched version is released.

Well not the battery issue but a new F/W was released today for the base unit.
“Fixed a bug that prevented motion detection from working.”

(Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Released - 2/8/21)

Yeah, I saw that too. Hopefully my cam-plus clips on my outdoor cam will record all of the motion now and not just the first few seconds (as in less than 12)!

I also have high hopes that WYZE can do a better job with firmware testing. Buggy outdoor cam firmware and buggy v3 firmware were both recently released.

Same thing happened to me, after the latest firmware update.

Camera has always been in the same spot, and due to the pandemic, the same amount of people and/or movement is present, so there is no precedent condition that could trigger an excessive usage.

I was told to do a reboot, a refresh, a change of settings, a change of place (that would make the camera lose its value, since it is right where I need it) and some other things I already did.

The last thing that I didn’t try until today (about 10 minutes ago) was disabling recordings (another feature that was a must and a reason to purchase).

The only thing that can be messing the power usage up is a software bug. We will see with the next release if it gets fixed so my Outdoor Cam does, once again, what it was doing so well all along.

Im also having issues with 3 of my outdoor cameras. I feel like I am recharging them every few weeks. I live in North NJ and it’s been pretty cold so that might be a big factor.

Maybe Wyze can come up with profiles for the cameras to preserve the battery life.

I think people are expecting far too much from a tiny battery. Perhaps they’ve been given too optimistic battery life expectations? The only simple solution (no software update can create energy!) I would attach an external battery pack with 4 batteries in parallel in a weather proof companion box.

I don’t think this is a case of users having expectations that are too high.
The expectation was set for us by Wyze.
The specs listed on the Wyze site says 3-6 months of battery life on a charge depending on usage.
I live in a pretty low-traffic foot area, and no vehicle traffic, Even with the limited events to trigger the camera, it was still dying well before 3 months of usage.

I do think cold temperatures may be the culprit. Warmer weather in the last few weeks has led to my camera battery not dropping so quickly.

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May not help with cold weather battery performance but there is a new relase:

(Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware Released - 2/10/21) (February 10, 2021)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Cam Plus Events to not detect people properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused accelerated battery drain with weak WiFi signal

So, I was a pre-order customer of a WCO Base Unit Package and 3 additional WCO’s. 2 of them (CAM1 & CAM2) are mounted side by side to cover a side driveway/pole building and 2 of them CAM3 and CAM4) are mounted side by side on a tree to cover the woods as wildlife cameras. From day one I have had issues with CAM4 it always goes dead way before any of the others. All of them have the exact same settings. I have created support tickets (first ticket 963773) and current ticket 1039044 on both occasions I received a “canned” response from Ryan saying make sure I am using the supplied cable and the base station to charge the camera. I am using the 5v/2A adapters that came with the 3 additional WCO’s as well as the supplied cables. All of the cameras take a charge and will go to 100% BUT while CAM3 is around 80% CAM4 right next to it looking at the same area is DEAD it happens over and over. I always charge all of them at the same time currently CAM1 is at 60%, CAM2 is at 75%, CAM3 is at 84%, and CAM4 is again at 0% it seems obvious that there is an issue with the battery in CAM4 and I have replied multiple times to Ryan on support ticket 1039044 saying as much but I get ZERO response from anyone. I am becoming very frustrated, I have purchased over 10 cameras (v1, v2, pan cam) not including the WCO’s, have 2 bands, a scale, and 2 watches on pre-order. But the lack of help resolving the issue with WCO #4 really has me questioning my commitment to WYZE it seems they are more interested in selling new products than supporting their customers that helped them get from zero to where they are today.

Have you tried calling support and seeing if you get a better respose?

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

@aaronramsdell according to today’s firmware update, your line of thinking isn’t productive. By reporting bad stuff, it leads to investigations and software updates. " [] (February 10, 2021)

  • Fixed a bug that caused accelerated battery drain with weak WiFi signal"

Yep even though I have an open ticket that clearly instructs me to reply to their email, I did try to call today and I sat on hold for about 20 minutes before giving up.

It’s been an open issue with 2 separate support tickets since January 4th I have performed the tests they asked and proved there is an issue with the camera which is under warranty and should be repaired or replaced BUT we never seem to get past the make sure you are using our cable and power supply.

Should I really have to call into support again and start the process a third time?

Well in utopia, the answer would be no there is no need to call as your issue is being resolved as I type. Unfortunately, we do not live in utopia since that evil serpent screwed everything up long long ago. Therefore the answer is yes, if you want it resolved once and for all you will need to call. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve learned the only way to get “real” support from WYZE is to pick up the phone and call them. The good news is everyone that has answered the phone thus far has been extremely helpful and polite. When you do call, be sure you have your existing case #'s and the email address tied to your WYZE account handy.

So logging into my WYZE account and generating a support ticket in their support system on a product I purchased directly from them is not the proper way to get assistance?

In utopia that’s the way to go! :slight_smile: Honestly, don’t waste your time with that or chat or email. If you want your issue resolved, take the time to make the phone call. (Particularly in this instance since you now have several cases created through the other methods.) That’s been my personal experience anyway.

Crazy thing is you are 100% correct

I called right at 5AM and immediately got Kayla who after a few questions put me on the path to a replacement camera :+1:

Funny thing is when you call in the first message you hear is “for faster service please us our chat” oh this is so not true.

Thanks to you and Jason21271 for sending me down the proper road :smiley: